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This article has been cited by other articles in PMC. Abstract Human breast milk is a 18 suisse anti aging best nutritional support that insures the right development and influences the immune status of the newborn infant. However, when it is not possible to breast feed, it may be necessary to use commercial infant formulas that mimic, where possible, the levels and types of nutrients present in human a 18 suisse anti aging.

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Donkey milk total protein content is low 1. A thorough analysis of the donkey milk protein profile has been performed in this study; the interest was focused on the milk proteins considered safe for the prevention and treatment of various disorders in humans.

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The content of lactoferrin, lactoperoxidase and lysozyme, peptides with antimicrobial activity, able to stimulate the development of the neonatal intestine, was determined. Donkey milk is characterized by a low casein content, with values very close to human milk; the total whey protein content in donkey milk ranges between 0.

Among whey proteins, α-lactalbumin average concentration in donkey milk is 1. The results of this study confirmed the possibility of using donkey milk in feeding children with CMPA.

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Introduction Adverse reactions to food are currently classified into toxic and non-toxic reactions. Non-toxic adverse reactions to milk are primarily caused by either lactose intolerance or milk allergy.

Detalii Produs Cheia pentru o piele cu un aspect intinerit. Aplica dimineata si seara pentru a debloca potentialul de intinerire al pielii tale si pentru a o vedea cum isi recapata elasticitatea, stralucirea si vitalitatea radianta.

Milk intolerance is due to the inherited lack of the specific enzyme, β-galactosidase that is required to hydrolyze lactose. For lactose intolerance, the most common therapeutic approach excludes lactose-containing milk from the diet.


A variety of symptoms can be suggestive for CMPA. It is very important to define correct diagnostic criteria, in order to avoid the prescription of a wrong diet for infants [ 3 ] which can lead to malnutrition [ 4 ].

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The prevalence of CMPA varies with age. It has been suggested that infants have milk allergies because milk is usually the first source of foreign antigens that they ingest in large quantities, and the infant intestinal system is insufficiently developed to digest and immunologically react to milk proteins.

When milk is eliminated, the inflammation response is controlled. After several years, oral tolerance is developed, and milk can again be tolerated [ 10 ].

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Most milk allergic children are considered symptom-free by 3 years of age, but several studies have indicated that older children may also have immune reactions to milk. However, studies on CMPA in adults are scarce.

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Symptoms can even appear during the breast-feeding because newborn reacts against a small amount of caseins present in maternal milk [ 17 ].

However, allergy can persist for all life time.

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The discussion on the use of soy-based infant formula is difficult, since scientific societies have different recommendations. In particular, infants with multiple food allergies and eosinophilic enterocolitis also react to soy protein; therefore, different specialist groups have different standpoints on the use of Soy formula for CMPA, but is generally not recommended before the age of 6 months [ 20 ].

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The donkey Equusasinus is a member of the horse family, it worked together with humans for centuries, the most common role was for transport. It still remains an important work animal in the poorer regions. Table 1 Comparison of chemical composition and physical properties of donkey and human milk [ 24 ].

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