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The major factors of policy making - the vision and perspective, albanais suisse anti-imbatranire to be supported by highlighting the gender realities in the public life.

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Our analysis aims to raise awareness among the decision factors upon the measures needed to improve the women's activism, mainly on the political arena. Keywords: women, public life, decision making positions, gender gap, political empowerment.

Argument The mentality changes all over the world regarding gender contribution to social life are related with ways to promote women representing just over half of the population, to attend economic and public positions, to gain economic independence and public visibility.

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There are several organizations which fight to sustain the feminine cause so as to become open and balanced societies, but the engine of the society merges riduri după 40 de ani cum să se ocupe these standpoints and changes their meaning according to the cultural, economic and general political background Popa, Gavriliu,p. From the perspective of the need of personal fulfilment, general and human, women, like in the case of men, have the possibility to accede to multiple success ways.

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Yet, in order to achieve this they have to be become independent, to affirm their identity without being satisfied with living through and for the others Lips, Namely on the political arena, women's access to senior positions is difficult. In the particular case of Romania, the year brought for the gender literature an albanais suisse anti-imbatranire development Popa, Gavriliu,p. We albanais suisse anti-imbatranire arguments that reinforce claims in recent studies on gender issues in Romania, regarding the more reduced access to the management positions for the female employees, problem that remain of actuality Istrate, Bănică,p.

The methodology used is the empirical approach and secondary analysis of statistical data available and related to presence of women in decision making positions and in top levels of the judiciary, global gender gap. The series of data that we have selected starts in albanais suisse anti-imbatranire, when the economic albanais suisse anti-imbatranire was triggered and stops with the yearsuntil official data are published.

Share of women members of the highest decision-making body of the largest companies in each country, Own processing based on EC In our country, unlike European trend, the situation remained stationary as shown in Fig.

On the political arena, women's situation shows large disparities.

This village or this world, although unique, remains the meeting place of individuals with origins and cultures as multiple as diverse. How then remain in a harmonious universe of interpenetration and compenetrating, that also means of understanding?

It is presented in the same figure see Fig. Figure 2. Greece, Hungary and Slovakia were three exceptions in because they had no woman senior minister in the government. In the share of women representatives in the European Parliament, Romania ranks 7 to the bottom see Fig.

Figure 3. Figure 4. Infour countries had no female president of regional assemblies: Belgium, Hungary, Romania and Slovakia.

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It seems that, at regional level, Romania is constantly failing to promote women. Table 1.

Studiu de caz din judeţul Maramureş Studiu de caz: oraşul Vaşcău judeţul Bihor, România Patrimoniul arheologic şi secolul

As can be seen, the percentage of Romanian women at the administrative level decision-making positions, both Level 1 and Level 2, is higher than the EU average, for each of the two years.

Table 2. The situation See Tables 1 and 2 reflects the concern of the Romanian Government to promote women. The gender balance is better in the supreme courts at national level. It should be mentioned that this is due to the larger proportions of women amongst senior judges.

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InRomania has the first place in the percentage of women in the Supreme Court of Justice. Figure 5. The highest possible score is 1, which means equality and the lowest possible score is 0, which means inequality.

Of the 28 EU states, 19 countries are in the top 50 out of countries. Romania ranks 77 out of countries and albanais suisse anti-imbatranire the nd place in EU, with a score of 0. From the perspective of Health and Survival sub-index, Romania ranks 42 0. As Finland is the leader country in the GGG hierarchy, we made a comparison between this and Romania on the four pillars of the index see Fig.

Figure 7. Conversely, if the economic pillar is almost similar to that of the country leader score 7 for Romania and score 8 for Finlandinstead, political pillar Empowerment is at 0.


Conclusions The changes albanais suisse anti-imbatranire the gender stereotypes in our country deal with social management measures to be taken for improving women's participation in the public life and in the decision making process, by adopting policies specifically designed to ease women's access to all areas of social and political life, but especially in those where the gender balance is totally unfavorable to them.

As positive aspects, we underline that Romanian women are well represented in top levels of non political, administrative positions — decision level 1 and 2 - the percentage recorded by Romania being superior than the average percentage albanais suisse anti-imbatranire in EU; that Romanian women occupy significantly more seats in the Supreme Court of Justice, our country being a leader in this regard.

Also, two of the pillars of General Gender Gap, namely Survival and Health and Educational attainment, places Romania in the first half of the countries surveyed. Negative aspects are related to women's participation in public decision making on the political arena - it is very poor, placing Romania on a low position in some hierarchies such as: share of women in national parliaments, share of women in regional assemblies president and members.

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We noticed that there are in Romania aspects regarding female participation, opposite with the European trend, such as keeping the same share of women of the highest decision-making body in companies see Fig. Romania's position in the online database of the European Commission on gender balance in decision-making positions in public administration Comparative Analysis — Accessed: World Development Vol. European Comission — EC Eurostat Database Your key to European statistics.

Accessed: 5.

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Istrate, M. Female labour force in the Romanian urban environment: structures, relations, segregation indexes. Procedia Economics and Finance, 20, p. Lips, H. Popa, D. Gender representation and Digital Media. Procedia — Social and Behavioral Sciences,p. Swirsky, J. Tudora, D. Evaluation of gender disparities from the Balkan countries. The Global Gender Gap Report.

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Thus, culturalreligious component of descent — filiation and parenting — guides the strategies of secularisation in a positive or negative sense. This, in turn, constitutes a spiritual-religious resource that can be directed towards achieving stability, harmony, making family relationships across the generations.

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The paradigm of secularization between latent Modernity and Post modernity The evolution of mentalities and religious symbols brings us to the "desacralization phenomenology" joined by "the multiplicity of religious experience" as a characteristic of the modern spirit called for dialogue, "otherness" and "cultural communication"1 Emphasizing the timeliness of Mircea Eliade's thinking on "the social and religious mentality" of the European man modern, our notesocio-anthropologists note the presence of religious, political and multi ethnic diversity, which require acceptance and correct interpretation in the spirit of "otherness" and of "creative hermeneutics"2.

In this spiritual context, our study focuses, from a paradigmatic perspective, on certain hypothetical coordinates conditioned by the assessment and reassessment of the secularization process in relation to the manifestation of the religious phenomenon in modern and postmodern society.

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From the scientific findings on the religious phenomenon in the secularized modern society we learn that it is presented as "an existential alternative" pertained to the actual type of modernity. Mentalităţi şi ritualuri magico-religioase.

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Studii şi eseuri de sociologia sacrului. Iaşi: Editura Polirom. Gavriluță, Nicu. Antropologie socială şi culturală. In a famous work entitled A Secular Age considered a paper of reference for studying the transformation of religion in the West, John Taylor distinguishes "three meanings" of the term "secularity" namely: "gradual abandonment" of faith in God which becomes "the central axis of political life"; "decline of faith in God"; "new conditions of «belief»" that currently influence, religious or nonreligious experience.

In the conception of Taylor, the term "belief" which means "faith" has a broad referring to a holistic approach to options existential in general, compared to the term "faith" which refers to "religious belief"4. As Ioan Alexandru Tofan shows, in Taylor's view, secularization pertains to "the conditions of faith" taking "the shape of a complex of cultural, scientific and theological factors", which make the manifestation of religious belief as an existential "option" more or less comfortable5.

From this perspective, defining the secularization as an emerging process for the existential choices of modernity as "a concrete era" cannot be reduced either, to the strict reporting of the religious institution to the laical one or to the presence or "absence of transcendental reference" in the public space on the one hand or albanais suisse anti-imbatranire issues related to religious beliefs, the weakening of faith, "church attendance or involvement into the religious life as a whole" on the other hand6.

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In Taylor's view, the new conditions of belief are emerging in modern society following some steps: a. In the first stage, the cultural minority imposes "exclusive humanism" as "an alternative to curatarea tenului Christian faith"; b.

The second step is to diversify in extenso the religious options belonging to the intermediate layer, placed between "the exclusive humanism" and "Christian faith coded by the Church" the nova effect at the elite level that causes fragmentation of culture ; c. The third stage, traced near the 60s, is represented by the "expressive revolution" that produces the generalization of fragmented culture throughout society.

The holistic perspective that permeates the philosophical, historical and sociopolitical analysis of John Taylor, nuances however, significant differences between Europe and America on the tension between the "«neodurkheimian» model" — embraced by the United States during the Age of Mobilization — and the "«postdurkheimian» model" — adopted by the European societies with multiple challenges and dilemmas, with inherent deviant forms — which refers to "the recognition of a radical variety of religious nonreligious and atheist options within the public space"7.

Practically, Taylor's approach completes the secularization framework analysis strictly from a conceptual perspective offering at the same time the possibility of widening the area of research over the Neamțu, Mihail. Gramatica Ortodoxiei. Tradiția după modernitate. Iași: Polirom. A Secular Age. Quoted in Ungureanu, Camil. In Religia în democrație. O dilemă a modernității, coord. Camil Ungureanu, In Concepte și teorii socio-politice, coord. Exploring the Contexts of Communication Arhipelag XXI Press, Tîrgu Mureș, ISBN: Section: Sociology, Political Sciences and International Relations 19 dimensions of the secularization process identifying "the signs or symptoms"8 of this phenomenon, referring, for example, to "the religious decadence", "the secularization of the religious" or the nihilism as a sort albanais suisse anti-imbatranire "mundane drift" of the religious, "desacralisation", "privatization albanais suisse anti-imbatranire religion" turning religious forms into secular ones-protestant ethic Max Weber ; "invisible religion" Thomas Lukmann, ; "civil religion" Robert Bellah.

As a result, the issue of modernity is emerging, at least in Europe, in relation to two defining aspects brought to our attention by Mihail Albanais suisse anti-imbatranire namely "the answer of the medieval social ideological fall patronized by the Church for centuries That is, while "eastern societies have not succeeded in providing a model of friendly coexistence Responses to problem areas are soon given in the international circle of philosophical and theological debates being represented by important figures such as NT Wright10, Oliver O'Donovan11 or John Alaisdair Milbank