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In doing so, they are sourcing and building crucial data sets to help the world find an answer to the top challenge right now: the coronavirus.

Jan Söderström shares how Ericsson employees are finding ways to execute speedily and help society in all the ways they can during the COVID pandemic.

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He is keeping America running from feet up in the air with his colleague Eddie as they are doing 3C4C upgrades on the Crown castle tower to improve capacity and stability. How Robert is keeping America running Robert Marrinan and his crew of tower technicians are working out of Dallas, Texas, doing a full mount swap on top of a telecom tower.

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Making sure we can keep America running. She and her team worked day and night for two days to release new software that gives customer care teams the ability to extend services for affected subscribers and to provide them with credits.

Together with her team, she works closely with telecom landlords to complete construction while buildings are empty, and works with local jurisdictions to quickly move through procedures during this challenging time.

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Louis, Missouri. Together with his colleagues he performs preventative maintenance and break fixes on sites throughout the city to ensure seamless connectivity for their customers.

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How Sandy is keeping Anti aging bellevue wa running Sandy Madan is part of a team in Bellevue, Washington, that optimizes proxy servers and works to ensure they stay stable as traffic increases.

This means Ericsson can get ahead of any spikes in traffic, server restarts, or software defects so that we can keep America running. Krystal cleaned the circuit, tested it together with her engineers, and got it up and running again without a flaw.

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How Neville is keeping America running Neville Dastoor and his team in Mississauga, Canada, scrambled to ensure critical fixes to about 30 sites for a US customer, and produce a clear roadmap for the next two quarters going forward. Their customers know when fixes come into the platform, improving the overall customer experience.

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How Lesley is keeping America running Lesley Brousseau is am Implementation manager working out of Houston, Texas, who is building and integrating LTE and 5G sites in order to provide critical connectivity. How Candace is keeping America running Together with a team of IT experts, Candace Dunnam is creating a new chat solution that enables customer care agents to work from the safety of home while maintaining a high level of customer service.

How Bryan is keeping America running Bryan Hedgepeth is part of a team of field technicians working out of Allentown, Pennsylvania.

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Together with his colleagues, Brian works to ensure that cellular services - and most importantly services — are always up and running. How David is keeping America running David Soffy and his team in Piscataway, New Jersey worked around the clock for three days to put together a new low-cost price plan to provide crucial connectivity to low income households so that they can keep in touch with anti aging bellevue wa and family.

How Manjula is keeping America running Manjula Naganathan and her colleagues in Plano, Texas, worked together to quickly come up with an affordable, low-cost pre-paid plan to provide relief to subscribers during the covid crisis. How Sasidhar is keeping America running Sasidhar Yalavarthi is working with a team in Plano, Texas, setting up a private cellular network in the Ericsson USA 5G Smart Factory so they can continue to build the network equipment that keeps America connected.

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How Adolfo is keeping America running Adolfo Rodriguez and his colleagues in Sacramento California take care of network sites in the Sacramento valley to ensure connectivity is provided without interruption. How Bryan is keeping America running Bryan Casalegno and his team in Little Rock, Arkansas, are ensuring coverage is available in places that would not otherwise have service. How Kris is keeping America running Working from New Orleans, Louisiana, Kris Lewis and his team are responsible for new site integrations, upgrades to technology, and meeting the capacity needs of their users.

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