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Food could have been better! Venind dintr-o tara unde minima este de 24 de grade sa stai timp de 5 ore la o temperatura de maxim grade si in curent nu a fost prea plăcut. It is infuriating to be asked to "social distance" and wear masks when the airline is unable to conduct boarding in an organized and efficient way.

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The crew was totally incompetent in informing waiting passengers. No microphones. No digital display of boarding order. No staff assistance.

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Waiting for WAY too long with no explanation. It was perfectly awful.

Food was eatable but completely tasteless. Not nearly enough liquid distribution. Uncomfortably warm Movie selection was boring.

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Too many Marvel films which was ridiculous. But the food taste can be better" Pro: "Super comfy seat and entertainment, plus staff super nice" Contra: "Too long on boarding" Contra: "Cramped and full flight with no entertainment. Stewardesses were also talkin too much among themselves.

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I get that the box probably contains some crucial equipment, but can you at least round the edges so I can lay my leg against it without cutting off my circulation to my foot? Other than that, typical Qatar luxury as much as you're gonna find in coach. The seats were comfortable and the flight attendants provided a 5 star service throughout the flight.

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There were an adequate selection of tv shows however these were limit d to only a few titles. This time from bag, all electronics have been stolen.

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Liked politeness of one of the airhost. She was good with good english" Contra: "Plane wasnt clean enough specially toilet.

When requested for a drink with meal, the hostess promised to bring it later but never did. The food was tasty and delicious Had a very bubbly and friend mostly Filipina crew that were extremely friendly and helpful.

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Having a nice smile certainly helps with the long flight duration! Attentive staff but not anti aging health expo pasadena much so and seats were comfortable, even in economy. Smooth front and back end to travels as well. And the way helper was assisting us its not professional services.

Which Qatar Airways promissi g to us. Means two passengers sitting on two different whelchair was pulled by one helper.

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I actually want to share video with airline so they will understand what they are promissing and what they are providing to their customers. Going had to move to nonreclining seat after 1st 12 hour flight.

Din primele rnduri ale inscripiei ntregite destul de recent aflm c un cetean al Olbiei numele lui nu este cunoscut, inscripia fiind fragmentar n perioada cnd o mare parte a grului a fost distrus din cauza secetei trecnd prin ara dumanilor, a obinut hran, salvnd astfel poporul de la foame. Interesant pentru noi este urmtoarea infor- maie din inscripie. Din ea aflm c el a efectuat o misiune diplomatic la guvernatorii Moesiei Sabinus i Aelianus, brbai mari i demni de cea mai nalt preuire pentru mrinimia lor i c o parte din cerinele lui au fost ndepliniteobinnd nc odat pine pentru ora.

Assigned last seat in plane going even though anti aging health expo pasadena layover - had to run after 12 hours on plane since got last bus to terminal and waited, waited, waited for final passengers, not fun. Way back flight changed and no accomodation made a lounge, room, anything for 7. With added stress of going through qatar which i booked because of longer layover so wouldnt miss connection just before political decree announced, i will do anything to avoid qatar again despite the very friendly crew.

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And having to wrap my camera equipment to check it, get extra insurance, such a pain. Newer model airplane.

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My ticket was booked through the agent airfare. They have handled the issue terribly.

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To start with.