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Negm et al. Global assessments estimate a volume of From this point of view, Romania is considered one of the countries with the lowest water resources in Europe, ranking the 21st among the European states.

The water requirements for the population, and economic activities supply industry, agricul- ture, fish farming, tourism have increased from At the same time, Romania depends to a great extent on the water resources coming from different upstream countries representing the contribution of the rivers that form on the territory of other countries and then enters the territory of Romania. This includes the Danube case and the watercourses in the upper basin of the Siret rivers and Prut in the north-eastern and eastern border.

Note that there is a slight compensation between the surface and underground water resources. With all this compensation, there are areas along the Danube River or rivers that have their source on the territory of other states where water resources are insufficient [2].

The temporal and spatial distribution of water resources in Romania are unequal.

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As a result, it was necessary to prevalently build storage lakes. Inlakes were counting over units, and the most important——were storing around 15 billion m3 of water [5]. They mitigate the variability of the hydrological regime of water resources in Romania, determined by the large volumes accumulated or discharged in the rainwater overflow periods springand the drought-induced deficits when the flow rate drops to very low values in summer and autumn.

Therefore, unlike the countries of Western and Northern Europe, the lack of sufficient water resources risks becoming a limiting factor of economic development if a strict policy of rational water use by the responsible actors is not promoted [1].

Anthropic measures to regulate flows through accumulating lakes aim at restrain- ing maximum flows during surplus periods to make them available during periods of drought. In order to satisfy the water requirement, some accumulation require- ments are imposed by the overflows in the mountain area, transfers of water from the surplus river basins to the deficient ones, injection of suitable transfer volumes sands, gravels of the transfer volumes or the phases with maximum drainage be subsequently extracted with appropriate health protection.

It is worth mentioning that inthe National Programme for the Romanian Hydrographic Basins Management had been promoted, for the hydrographic basins and even for the territorial-administrative units counties to assure a good knowledge and management of the water resources.

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In the framework of this programme, the building of storage lakes, damming in, water transfers between the hydrographic basins, irrigation systems extension, water quality monitoring was achieved. Through the studies that led to the design of the management plans, it was emphasized that the industrial and mining activities, as well as the lack of sewerage systems and treatment plants in the area of rural and urban small townsrepresent the main sources of degradation of water quality.

The methodology anti aging swiss red scex of the analysis of water management plans within river basins, data from the National Institute of Hydrology and Water Management, and data obtained on field studies in eastern Romania. The sources identified as diminishing water quality are those belonging to old industries, rural settlements, agriculture, and new smaller industries.

Thus in the border area with these countries, there is a cross- border influence on water quality. Hydrographic basin management plans contain management measures to increase the surface and underground water quality. In order to reduce surface and underground water pollution, the implementation of the measures mentioned in the hydrographic basin management plans started inin order to reduce water pollution. Chapter 3 shows that Romanian legislation correctly reflects the environmental requirements agreed at EU level, but the real challenge is effective field enforcement, due to lack of adequate planning, coordination, and funding.

The distribution on hydrographic basins shows that the accidental pollution cases are ranging between 67 and 3, most accidental pollutions occurring in Mures 67Arges-Vedea 61Olt 43Siret 40 and Prut 36a few cases being recorded in Banat 3 and Crisuri 6. By year, most cases have been noticed in 7065 Inthere were reported 47 accidental pollutions, the distribution of which according to the nature of the pollutant is as follows: untreated wastewater 18 events—accounting for It has been noticed a particular situation where almost half of the residents are not connected to anti aging swiss red scex sewage system, therefore wastewater is directly transferred to the natural emissary.

In addition, it is highlighted a slow continuous increase regarding the beneficiaries of treated wastewater from Anti aging swiss red scex water quality status of the Mureş water body is presented and analyzed on three sections Târgu-Mureş socket, Ungheni socket, and Iernut socket for the period — It is necessary to know the quality of surface water at any moment, because on the basis of the data obtained and analyzed it is possible to make a prognosis of the water quality evolution on the monitored sections.

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The water quality in Romania is monitored according to the structure and methodological principles of the Integrated Water Monitoring System in Romania S. The study showed an improvement in the process of monitoring and evaluation of the waters of the Mures River basin referring to the area under study in compared to previous years.

The energy efficiency along with the environmental protection have to be among the main goals of the Romanian authorities, and designers. Dobrogea is a beautiful but dry-climate region in Romania, where the drinkable water has to be abstracted from deep aquifers, and the irrigation water supply systems have to deal with high pumping heads resulting in considerable energy consumption. The main challenges related to water are water quality, energy efficiency, water loss mitigation and above all, a more responsible attitude of man towards waters and environmental protection.

New vast on-going projects aim to modernize the water supply systems. A new interconnected drinkable water supply system is going to meet either the water quality standards in small villages or the variable demand of the towns on the Black Sea coast. The modernization of the irrigation water supply systems aims to support agriculture with higher efficiency.

Numerical simulation of water systems operation is a real key to better engineering design and to a more energy efficient use of the water resources.

The case studies presented in this chapter refer to the possible energy saving emerging from an optimal operation of a drinkable water distribution system and respectively an irrigation water pumping station.

The environmental impact of the new construction sites has to be continuously assessed in order to preserve the existing habitats. Chapter 6 presents the history and evolution of drinking water supply systems in the major city of Transylvania, Cluj-Napoca, focusing on anti aging swiss red scex achievements made during the last 30 years under the ruling concept of efficiency.

The accelerated urban development of Cluj-Napoca and the political events of the last century had a strong influence on the evolution of drinking water supply systems and the faith of the local water operator.

The communist regime, following its industrialization plans, wanted to build quickly and cheaply.

Water Resources Management in Romania

Afterthe centralized economy died, 8 A. The last 30 years represent a period of profound transformations in the field of water supply systems. The market economy imposed new standards of efficiency and quality. Water companies had to survive inflation, re-organize themselves, access European funds, adopt new mate- rials and technologies, reduce water losses and find new clients.

The Operational Program for Large Infrastructure in the period — is promoting integrated water and wastewater systems in a regional approach, in order to reduce the costs and obtain maximum efficiency for such investments. With a surface of 20, km2 and a population of 2.

According to this index, the mean value calculated for this region More than half of the rivers that drain the eastern part of Romania display a trend toward a rise in mean annual and seasonal flow, in agreement with the regional trend associated with climate change.

However, this trend does not significantly reduce the anthropogenic impact on water anti aging swiss red scex in this region. Chapter 8 describes the extensive interdisciplinary studies done along the Roma- nian Danube River Floodplain within the ecological and economic resizing program of the Danube floodplain and delta.

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The main aspect that was followed in this pro- gram was the reconsideration of the flood line of defense for the localities along the river, by creating water reserve polders, ecological restoration of some areas, etc.

To determine the precise state of the dykes, the topology of the area, LiDAR measurements were conducted on km stretch with a variable width of 80 km. With the results of the LiDAR and bathymetrical measurements, hydraulic modeling was possible in order to develop flood scenarios and to determine the feasible areas where the land use could be changed taking into consideration numerous variables.

The chapter stressed that the shift to sustainable development is a process of a large scale, achievable at the same time by the cooperation of all countries because the effects on the environment do not know limits imposed by the borders. Therefore, the chapter aimed to evaluate the forest areas in the period — and their correlation with the frequency of flooding.

To highlight the correlation between the forest cuts and the increase of the flood frequency, detailed analyzes were carried out on the main mountain groups from Romania, where the growth of deforested areas has led to an obvious increase in the frequency of floods.

For spatial anti aging swiss red scex at the local level, a spatial join was made, for each administrative-territorial unit, the newly created file containing the attribute table, including the column that sums the pixels in each administrative-territorial unit. The database was completed with the frequency of floods at the level of each territorial administrative unit.

Encouraging exports of woody raw materials and low incomes of the population have made that illegal cuts get a great extent, and the lack of the general cadastre made the evidence of forest areas uncertain, favouring illegalities in the management of forest resources. Under these circumstances, cutting forests on nearlyha has led to major imbalances in ecosystems, changing the drainage of water on the slopes is the immediate con- sequence.

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Researching the relationship between deforested areas and frequency of floods can open a new research area, on identifying types of deforestation by fractal and non-fractal analysis.

Chapter 10 presents a review on the main research findings on hydro-climatic changes in Romania and provides new results on hydrological responses to climate changes in a Carpathian watershed, based on the analysis of historical data and hydrological modeling. The hydrological changes in Romania are integrated into the context of the streamflow changes identified at global and European spatial scales, which are synthesized in the first part of the chapter. Further, an overview of observed and projected changes in main climate parameters controlling the river flow in Romania is presented, followed by a crema de zi anti-imbatranire derma of studies on streamflow trends and hydrological impacts observed and projected of climate changes in Romania.

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In the last part of the chapter, the authors investigated the hydrological responses to climate changes in a small mountain catchment Valea Cerbului River located in the Carpathians. Based on recorded data, changes in the magnitude and frequency of floods, as well as in the frequency of low flows were analyzed.

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The possible future streamflow changes in Valea Cerbului River catchment were estimated by simulations with WaSiM- Eth model, under B1, A2 and A1B climatic scenario, for the period — relative to — period. In summary, the chapter shows that aftera general decreasing trend of the mean annual streamflow was detected in Romania. For the future by —the projections indicate a decline of the annual runoff, increases of discharges in winter and decreases in late summer and autumn.

Chapter 11 comprises detailed information about how Siret Water Basin Admin- istration works.

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Both the structure of the administration and the mechanisms used for measuring, analyzing and finding the correct solutions are presented. The hydro- logical activity of the Siret Water Basin Administration is carried out on an area of 28, km2managed by four subunits called Water Management Systems WMSand each WMS has one or several hydrological stations subordinated to it.

In their turn, the hydrological stations manage several hydrometric stations. The main activ- ities ongoing at the hydrometric stations are level recordings, water and air tempera- ture recordings, precipitation, meteorological elements recordings, determination of flows, alluvial sampling, water quality sampling, etc.

In addition to river hydrome- try, the Siret Basin Water Administration also monitors the lakes. Each hydrological station has under administration a number of lakes. In addition to the quantitative monitoring of water bodies in the Siret Water Basin Administration, there is also qualitative monitoring for the water bodies: water bodies—natural rivers; 10 water bodies—lakes.

Out of the total number of monitored waterbodies, 50 bod- ies of water are natural, and 5 bodies of water are heavily modified. The natural and heavily modified water bodies in the Siret River Anti aging swiss red scex are monitored qualitatively through 87 sections. The aims of Chap. It is analyzed the actual water resource, being mainly pursued the differences of river runoff, between the two slopes of the basin, one exposed to the east, and the other to the west.

Among the various parameters, used to emphasize the resource of water in a territory Sistem proporțional anti-îmbătrânire elvețian been analysed: the volume of average flow, the average drained layer, the average specific runoff, the coefficient of average river-flow.

There are identified high rates of flow, according to pluvial quantities—over mm in high mountainous space. The analysis of how the population benefits of water resources in terms of the quantity and of the failures existing in the water supply systems is also important. A flow layer composite raster structure was built, for comparing the surface natural resource with used by population water resource, and showing the areas where the amount of water available for the population is in deficit.

To sum up, Romanian Upper Tisa Basin, an rainwater surplus area, with a anti aging swiss red scex offer concerning the water resource in the majority of the basin space, due to the geological layer and anthropogenic pressure. The surface water anti aging swiss red scex is very consistent in all Romanian Upper Tisa Basin. The underground water resource is slightly less represented on the Maramures, Basin, and better emphasized in the Tisa Corridor or the lower plain of the West.

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This wetland is a characteristic area of the Danube before its sinking into the Black Sea. The research theme consisted of determining the characteristics of the water resource in this hydrographic area, to be used in dry periods to extinguish potential plant fires. Having thus organized a GIS database characteristic for the studied area, using the ArcSwat application, there have been created layers representing: the basins and the hydrographical network of this area, soil features, land-use characteristics, as well as the land slopes.

ArcSWAT requires information on topography, soils, land use, slope cate- gories, and weather data from the study region.

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Actual data was gathered to calibrate and validate the SWAT for anti aging swiss red scex study area, resulting in a series of specific maps. The area is one that raises many challenges and problems in running the informational application low slopes of land and water, difficult determination of reception areas.

The research demonstrates the usefulness of GIS hydrological methods in this case ArcSWATin assessing the characteristics of the hydrological regime of the rivers.

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The aggregation of hydrological information with other parameters leads to the iden- tification of the optimal solutions to solving the tasks. Therefore, minimal anthropic intervention on the environment, protection of water resources and the environment, are objectives that lead to sustainable development of the current human society.

Chapter 14 shows mean diurnal cycles of various streamwater parameters in dif- ferent catchments, river sections and time intervals in western and northern Romania. The study area is located in the Romanian Carpathians, and the Moldavian Plateau and 21 sites were used for measuring rivers. Air parameters are temper- ature, relative humidity, and atmospheric pressure. The studied time interval ranges from to and is represented by compact measuring campaigns of a few weeks or months of continuous monitoring.

The measurements were done every 60, 30, 15 or 10 min, anti aging swiss red scex on site and campaign. Authors applied a detrending to the time series, that was obtained by, firstly, calculating a relevant trend of the entire time series through an additive seasonal decomposition which uses a period equal to the length of a day and by, secondly, removing this trend from the raw time series.

The water monitoring sites have revealed similar diurnal shapes of the temperature, level and electrical conductivity in areas with the natural flow: afternoon maximum water level and temperature and minimum electrical conductivity; the opposite events occur early in the morning.

For both water and air parameters, the moments when minima occur are less temporally variable than those of maxima, at all sites. To sum up, chapter indicated that when using the detrended time series, the water tempera- ture recorded diurnal cycles with amplitudes, ranging from 0. Chapter 15 indicates that the regional climate is increasingly unpredictable, and the hydrological risk events droughts and tidal waves occur more frequently.

In this case, infrastructures anti aging swiss red scex of water intake are required either to compen- sate for the drought periods or to mitigate floods. For the past 25 years, drought periods have increased in length and severity, though, the mean amount of precipita- tions has augmented. The drought recorded in the autumn of the year and the spring of the year entailed a drastic reduction in power production provided by hydropower plants, reasons for which the company Hidroelectrica S.

Hidroelectrica S. In such a scenario, the Hidroelectrica S. Several future projects aim to raise the capacity by 7. These include the 2.

To sum up, the proved that the drought recorded in the autumn of the yearand in the spring of the yearentailed a drastic reduction in power production provided by the hydropower plants and triggered an energy crisis at the level of entire Romania.

Therefore, in the National Strategic Energy Project from the period — it is important to take into account scenarios similar to those produced by the hydrological drought in — In Chap.

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Being the pole of precip- itations in Romania, this mountainous area represents a veritable natural obstacle against the air masses and a barrier for Transylvanian road and railway infrastruc- ture. The petrographic composite is one of the most complex in Carpathian area, practically a mosaic of rocks, from the Halbarde elvețiene anti-îmbătrânire and metamorphic rocks who built the heart of this space, to limestones and sandstones who comes to complicate this mountainous structure.

This substrate represents the adequate structure for a very important land surface drainage of the water and less for the groundwater accumula- tion. A big difference can be observed between the western and eastern slopes of the Apuseni Mountains.