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All Episodes Domestic Hostile A huit clos in the head of a unique character, a confined space for a possible couple during the long days of the first pandemic lock-down of The house, the domestic space in which we were constrained to isolation against danger, is throwing us in psychic depths. The place of calmness, silence, and relaxation have become a hostile territory, a stage for grave scenes. With the prolonged confinement and the growing anxiety, the smallest gestures can engage unmanageable angst.

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The domestic life become extremely fragile, the families and the couples are crumbling. Sound piece composed exclusively online, a collaboration between a sound artist coming from the contemporary arts and a poet interested in films. Feb 15 Closer Closer. Source-sorceress, put your binaural beats anti aging cd on the wound, reach the focal point, extract the war, the riot, and the chaos, bring out the peace, the love and the silence.

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The peace, the love and the silence were the essential universal coordinates. The smoldering horn and the shrieking trumpets, surrounded by discreet harmonies, wavy distinctions: the teguments were all enduring a lack of sentience. To dislodge the melted nuclei of the sun-sisters: how can I get closer?

To cherish the pulse in all that separates us, the exhausted salts, after so many recrystallizations to feed them at simultaneous births of twisted galaxies.

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I look down on you all from my blind spot: frowning Asthenes, keen to burn everything down, Two-faced Makari - slimy, hated by all, bursting of hatred themselves, tormented by bad climate, with stolen sun - on whose planet the dumbest Flyters kept skuttering, destroying what was left of the food chain, then Sloots, marching on their own hair, launching telemantic attacks, Storlings - flocks of Daytinghales collapsed in themselves, appearing on a whim, disappearing without notice - absent Spirrons, arrogant Compresor swiss kaeser anti-imbatranire. Out of these coexisting realities, apathy is the cruelest foe.

I see now: they beg to be, waiting for a mysterious love.

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Binaural beats anti aging cd the support of the Administration of the National Cultural Fund. Her fields of activity include radio art and radio journalism, podcasting, translation.

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In her work and research projects, she has addressed linguistic aspects of power relations and mechanisms of collective imaginary, anthropology of voice, work in migration, experimental media. Inshe founded the Radio International experimental radio workshop. Her current projects oscillate between work and routine philosophies, conditions of precarity, shifted subjectivity and participative vocalizations.

Valentina Chiriță, poet and performer. She was part of the performance groups EGG NO EGO and Local Goddesses, with contributions in street art, installation, invented rituals, asemic writing, and guided meditation, for public spaces or art galleries. Inshe coordinated the Bucharest international festival Live Art Platform.

Surrender into the hands of others binaural Author: Ana Teodora Popa November, How does a severe case of Covid really feels like?

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A binaural creation depicting a first-person experience. Trigger warning. Surrender your last wish into the hands of others. To stay involved in more creative projects, in she become a freelancer. She takes part in innovative and challenging independent projects, including theater plays, experimental performances, sound installations and films. She worked with Regenerator and Descentrat projects, and she participated to Sonic Future Residencies. She currently writes music and works on her own binaural audio research and technique.

Her artistic goal is to reach the listeners at a level where they can relate and be moved by what is already inside them. Obey the military ordinance! So far we have 50 confirmed cases of Covid virus Ambulance driver: Good evening, we called earlier Ambulance nurse: Ok, please lay down now, easy We are here to help, no need to be scared, everything is alright.

Isolation pod zipper closes Ambulance nurse: Feeling good?


We are here with you at all times. Ambulance driver: Let us pick it up. Easy, careful. I got it. Ambulance nurse: We are moving, alright? We are outside. Isolation pod enters the ambulance Ambulance nurse: 10 22 5, we got the patient, and we are on our way to the hospital.

Ambulance sirens and labored breathing Nurse 1: No, no! We are already at capacity! Go to the room at the end of the hall! Ambulance nurse: What do we do?

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Grab this from the other side. Nurse 1: We will admit him upstairs if needed.

  • Un loc important în moștenirea artistică a lui Reicha revine ciclurilor didactice care reprezintă exemple de lucrări ce îmbină fericit scopurile instructive cu cele artistice, fiind elaborate ca un suport pentru activitatea didactică a compozitorului și totodată ca un supliment pentru scrierile sale teoretice.
  • Profunzimea vederii la oameni - Ochiul organ al vederii
  • Dieta ketogenică devine din ce în ce mai populară și, mai presus de toate, din ce în ce mai populară.
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Ambulance nurse: Move the stretcher a little. Isolation pod zipper opens Ambulance nurse: We are here, alright? Common, at three.

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One, two, three, go! Head down, please.

Ochiul uman Profunzimea vederii la oameni.

Good, now there is going to be a nurse coming soon to admit you. Just hold on for now and wait, ok? Nurse 2: Mariana!

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The Covid phone, do you have it? The Covid phone!

  • Эти факторы следует тщательно уравновешивать.
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  • Через двенадцать часов он сделает здесь короткую остановку и примет новых пассажиров.
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Nurse 3: Give me your hand. Hold on. We have a patient with fever over here! Nurse 2: Yeah, ok, ok! Nurse 3: There will be a nurse coming soon to check your blood pressure, and after that, when the CT is available, there will be someone to take you, ok? Nurse 4: How is it going, Mr. Paraschiv, are you feeling any better?

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Does the cough still keep you up at night? Is there someone else from your family who tested positive?