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The papers published in this volume are exclusively engaging authors. Editor-in-Chief: Dr. Sergei F. Nicola Mattoscio, G. Giuseppe Paolone, G. Nicolae Al. C of the University of Oradea; Dr. Gheorghe Gh. Ionescu Dr. Ovidiu Nicolescu- Dr. Constantin Rosca Dr. Gheorghe Olah University of Oradea. Emilian M. Editorial Review Board Lecturer Dr. Knowing the audience is a very important first step in the development of appropriate strategies and the achievement of the mission proposed by the organizers.

An important issue is the media coverage of the cultural events, especially announcing them in as many different types of media as possible. Indeed, in many cases there is a causal relationship between financial possibilities of the Romanians and the access to quality culture. Tickets devoted to plays or famous opera performances usually have prices that are inaccessible to most citizens.

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Concept anti-imbatranire reims turism situation is even worse in the case of Romanians who can barely afford to pay their monthly bills and daily food. Equally true is that new forms of culture and the progress of new channels of communication in the virtual environment can be also invoked as unequal competitors for the classical forms of culture, especially since accessing them is free of charge, even though the actual content they provide is often superficial.

On the other hand, to motivate the low interest in culture manifested by the Romanians only from such a perspective would create a slightly distorted image.

Lack of financial resources cannot be reliably invoked, as even if the budget does not allow someone to attend a play as a spectator, one can always attend a library in order to read a book as an alternative to a second-grade film that he would be watching sitting at home, in an armchair. Therefore, in my opinion, there's another obvious concept anti-imbatranire reims turism interfering into the cultural consumption equation we discuss - convenience. Cultural behavior, in the most direct sense of spiritual cultivation, also depends a lot on the family development role.

Desăvârșirea unității naționale a României a dobândit recunoașterea internațională prin Tratatul de la Saint-Germain-en-Laye cu Austria — care consfințea unirea Bucovinei cu România 10 septembrieprin Tratatul de la Trianon cu Ungaria — care recunoștea unirea Transilvaniei și a Banatului cu România 4 iunie și prin Tratatul de Pace de la Paris, prin care principalele puteri aliate admiteau expres unirea Basarabiei cu România 28 octombrie Tratatul de la Trianon s-a înscris în seria documentelor internaționale încheiate la finalul Primului Război Mondial, alături de tratatele de pace semnate între puterile Antantei și Germania Versailles, 28 iunieAustria Concept anti-imbatranire reims turism, 10 septembrieBulgaria Neuilly, 27 noiembrie și Turcia Sčvres, semnat la 10 augustînlocuit cu Tratatul de la Lausanne din 24 iulie Tratatul de la Trianon include Pactul Ligii Națiunilor conținut comun pentru toate tratatele de pace încheiate după Primul Război Mondial și definește frontierele Ungariei cu statele vecine — în principiu, actualele sale frontiere. Sunt consfințite includerea teritoriilor croate, slovene, a Voivodinei și a părții vestice a fostei provincii a Banatului în cadrul Regatului Sârbilor, Croaților și Slovenilor, a Slovaciei și Ruteniei astăzi în Ucraina în cadrul Cehoslovaciei, a Transilvaniei și părții răsăritene a Banatului în cadrul României, precum și a Burgenland-ului în cadrul Republicii Austria.

Without resorting to hasty generalizations, it is nevertheless a fact that most of our children do not read or read very little, and they only do that because they find themselves conditioned by the syllabus for the examinations. Maybe today's youth belonging to what is called the "emerging generation" is also to blame here, this being a pragmatic and goal oriented generation, but which is unfortunately very less leaning towards forms of culture that the previous generations grew up with.

The domestic electronic network of cultural goods and cultural domestic consumption. The most spread goods of the physical domestic network are electronic devices: TV, mobile phone, radio.

One possible explanation is the rapid development of technology and access to personal computers, the devices for tracking and processing of music and video images, especially the fulminant technological change, moving very fast from static machines to small-sized devices, becoming portable, mobile.

For professionals working in the cultural and creative sectors, this research becomes an essential tool for the cultural programs and projects they run through, because of the detailed information they provide in each sector of activity performing arts, national cultural heritage, museums and exhibitions, creative industries, etc. For the general public, we provide concept anti-imbatranire reims turism comprehensive analysis of the participation in the cultural act in its artistic manifestation, giving each reader the possibility to identify himself with a particular cultural consumer profile or to compare their own cultural practices with those of the general population.

The term "cultural consumption" should be seen in the sense of frequency of reading, viewing television programs or performances, preferably for cultural products or services. The use of this term is appropriate in the context of culture savings, based on a certain supply and demand of cultural products and services dynamics pattern.

Differences between artistic expressions led to the construction of two types of cultural activities. Under the term "elitist culture type" or "high concept anti-imbatranire reims turism the less accessible artistic expressions meet, which need extra training for their meaning and significance to be understood and therefore appreciated, valued. Theater, opera, ballet and museums are included in the elitist culture.

Within this category we include going to the cinema, entertainment shows and music festivals, local events, and concern for house arranging, clothing options, implications of a certain conduct and attitudes in relation to cultural and artistic products which are accessible to the general public.

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Keywords: policy makers; cultural education; business administration; statistics JEL classification: Y. Is the audience attending these cultural movements as a sponspor or just as a consumer?

It is the first question that should start the cultural development strategy plan issued by the local government. The proposed research is intended as a tool for professionals in the cultural and creative sectors, a relevant analysis for the central and local public authorities, but also a pleasant reading for the general public.

A representative survey with the purpose to describe and analyse the cultural sector in Banat regarding the cultural consumption. The study addresses the following issues: infrastructure for the distribution of cultural goods and services, cultural heritage, private cultural infrastructure, cultural capital, as well as the allocated consumption budget and the ways the population of Timisoara is spending its concept anti-imbatranire reims turism time.

The main objectives of the study are measuring the adequacy of the infrastructure for the distribution of cultural goods, adjusted to the needs of the population, consumption and cultural involvement measures, measuring the cultural needs of the population, identifying the preferences and cultural consumption behaviours, but also to ensure their coverage by specialized journalists.

The Annals of the University of Oradea. Identifying the art consumer profiles of the Timisoara region. Research questions that size up the objective of the present study are: I.

What is the dynamic between supply and demand in terms of goods and services in the arts domain?

Менее чем через минуту жидкость исчезла, и ее коллега ловко зашила разрез, орудуя кончиками трех своих щупалец.

Art must be conceived to be consumed. There is much potential and there are many talented artists who are facing the problem of a little diversified public. In any creative industry of Romania, the issue of having an uneducated public is present.

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It is important to identify the gaps in a market, because those will transform into opportunities. Also, it's very important to read a lot about what is going on elsewhere, find some models and trends to follow.

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Nobody is reinventing the wheel: sooner or later we will catch up with the habits of the UK, but you should ensure yourself a know-how. In order to become an entrepreneur in a creative field, it is first necessary to be an entrepreneur, then creative. You have to combine the two aspects. It's hard for a creative person to also become an entrepreneur. Balance is necessary for a very simple reason: if we don' care for our brains, we will end up needing permanent social assistance. The time has come for us to understand why we must invest in a society from a cultural standpoint as well.

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It's hard to grow the top of a pyramid if the base is poorly conceived. This is happening to us - we have a very small consumer base and therefore the tip, consisting of buyers, is situated at a very low level. In order to understand the "state" of our art market, it is enough to have a look at a real estate website in other countries.

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Over there you will see houses with walls covered by paintings and art photos, and no blank walls, by any means. Over here, art has not entered the dimensions of our everyday life. In order to help the development of the art market we must ensure an early education in art forms. We must begin to educate students, instead of simply waiting concept anti-imbatranire reims turism them to finally meet the works by the likes of Georges Pompidou or Tate as their first contact with contemporary art.

We need to tackle pupils and creative areas, we must find a way to promote exhibitions, museums, festivals and events in general, places and artistic phenomenon in a much better way than we do now. People are intimidated when confronted with the elitism and the sense of impermeability of a gallery; they are not comfortable entering into a gallery and asking for prices, they are unable to evaluate what is hanging from the walls to be or 15, euros.

And I anti-îmbătrânire astăzi understand that, even when it comes to people who have financial means or the required space for it, it's just that there is a gap between the gallery and its audience, especially in Romania, where much of a gallery's public are actually artists and people working in the field, there are very few pure art consumers who are actually outsiders. That particular group of people is my subject of interest.

Consumption culture of Romania, the odds of damage. Of course, there are multiple explanations for the Romanian's lack of appettite when it comes to forms of classical culture.

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To be noted here that a small ammount of the population is aware about the possibility of redirecting a fragment of their taxes towards non-profit organisations. Those who have directed their money were more focused towards organizations that complement areas with difficulties in operation and immediate need in healthcare, social services and education, or organizations functioning in areas that draw much of the public confidence religion.

Cultural experiences are important factors of cultural consumption. The present application aims to identify and crema antirid eficienta the factors influencing the dynamics of cultural consumption, such as frequency of "domestic" cultural consumption practices use of television and radio, listening to music, reading media, written culture consumption ; Frequency of the "public" cultural consumption practices cinema, theater, museums, entertainment, festivals, participating in local celebrations ; The frequency of other leisure practices going shopping in the mall and hypermarket, attending sporting events, going on trips, playing sports, going to discos or clubs, walking in parks or green areas ; The time budget assigned to working, resting, various recreational activities etc.

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Socio-economic and demographic structure of the population: age, education, personal income, type of locality of residence. During communist times, the museums were part of the political education mechanism, where the role of teachers and schools has been active since the early stage of the cycle of nursery education.

The decline, for various reasons, of the educational programs in the cultural-artistic field, at the beginning of the transition period, the lack of interest manifested by teachers and also financial and precarious economic situation led to decreased interest in culture and education.

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During this period, museums, cinemas, theaters and exhibition spaces began to suffer a dramatic lack of audience, many of them ended up changing their original destination or simply stopped concept anti-imbatranire reims turism cultural and artistic villarimboud elvetia anti imbatranire. Among other things, the crisis of visitors in native museums has emerged as an expression of freedom by individuals, including the freedom not to visit a museum, while public museums were associated by the public with concept anti-imbatranire reims turism lack of mobility, a particular static culture type, or austere areas, which were removed from their daily life pattern.

Identifying the dynamics of mutual relations between public policy in the arts - public - artists domain, regarding cultural development strategy projects. Case Study, the Timisoara- Cultural Capital project. In pursuing this specific objective, we start from the following research questions: I.

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