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Like how the LAPD says you have a knack for getting thrown in jail and hearing things.

Sorry to eavesdrop? KITT, nimeni nu a spus vreodata nu este politicos pentru a trage cu urechea? KITT, didn't crema anti-imbatranire vitler ever tell you it's not polite to eavesdrop?

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Sort of eavesdrop on the activity of nerve cells in the brain. QED Noi în etapa a trage cu urechea relației noastre ocazional? We at the eavesdropping stage of our casual relationship? I'm the one who's supposed to snoop, remember?

The legislation has given the government new powers to eavesdrop on both domestic and international- OpenSubtitles Your defect, Miss Bennet, besides eavesdropping, is to willfully misunderstand people.

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Didn't we have a talk about listening to other people's conversations? Sorry, I wasn't trying to eavesdrop.

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Other than sitting in the pantry and eavesdropping crema anti-imbatranire vitler all of your therapy sessions? Viewers of " The Grant Report " tune in to eavesdrop on a statesman conversing with statesmen. So sorry to eavesdrop, but I thought you should know that brash and sassy doesn't have an anti-ageing cream.

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Mother, marriage is a poor excuse for snooping. My sister used to do the same trick, when she was eavesdropping on our parents. Though she had the ability to eavesdrop unnoticed, she stood boldly beside the Swordmaster.

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Literature S-a dus să tragă cu urechea. He's out sniffing around.

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Nu, a însemnat să tragă cu urechea. No, it was eavesdropping.

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A fost ca si cum ai trage cu urechea la sedinta de terapie a altcuiva. It was like eavesdropping on somebody else's therapy.

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Anybody ask you to stick around and get an earful? Yeah, Hitler was at the door eavesdropping. When he was done, he put his mouth near my ear and, um André allowed Shanks to eavesdrop in order to blind us.