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Dinică Ciobotea Acumularea decalajelor economiceIaşi, Editura Polirom,p. Constanțiu Dinulescu Frontisme suisse anti aging Emanuel Răduț Gheţău, Despre manualul dictatorului desăvârşit, Petroşani, Editura Focus,80 p. Gheorghe Truță Accumulation of the economical riftsIaşi, Polirom Publishing House,p. Constanțiu Dinulescu …………………. Bogdan Emanuel Răduț ………………………………… Gheorghe Truță ……………………………………………. Un alt scop a fost acela de a clarifica concepţiile Sfântului Pavel cu privire la viaţa intimă în cadrul căsătoriei şi să stabilească un cadru solid practic pentru etica căsătoriei în perioada respectivă şi ulterior.

One of the other aims was to frontisme suisse anti aging Saint Paul conceptions regarding intimate life within marriage and to establish a solid practical framework for the ethics of marriage in the time of Saint Paul and frontisme suisse anti aging. The reality of the resurrection of the bodies and the promise of a new and everlasting life through Him, represents the core of his teaching and that of His apostles and followers.

Not only Jesus brought to earth a new way of life in the Holy Spirit, but also He totally renewed the bonds between men and women, united in the holy sacrament of marriage. After Jesus, marriage was to be understood completely different than in the times before His Birth, Death and Ascension. Saint Paul was the main vessel through which some essential direction regarding aspects of love between men and women, marriage and communion were transmitted to his contemporaries and to future generations of Christians.

As we will further analyze, the epistle to the Corinthians, mainly chapter 7 is aimed at establishing the eternal advices regarding relations between a man and a woman, to be part of the kingdom of heaven, and to receive expoziție anti-îmbătrânire 2021 life.

Because love between men and women was something established by God when He created the first man, and thus sanctified, Saint Paul is aware of the necessity of clarifying these delicate situations, especially because Jesus Christ delivered a new and holy teaching about Him, about salvation and about everlasting life.

Men and women who desired to live in Christ were thus obliged to adopt a certain way of life crafted in the Holy Spirit, and frontisme suisse anti aging to give them a complete communion between them and with Jesus Christ.

Even if Christ had arrived on earth leaving mankind with the complete teaching and way of life necessary for salvation, the social, religious and moral realities of the first century A.

In Corinth, were Saint Paul chose to mediceutics crema ochi his message regarding the morals of marriage and mutual love between husband and wife, the cult of Aphrodite, goddess of love beauty and fertility was gaining strength. To better understand the striking immorality which surrounded the social area of Corinth, it is frontisme suisse anti aging to say that the summit of Acrocorinth was dominated by a temple dedicated to the worship of Aphrodite, served by over sacred prostitutes, and slave-priestesses.

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It was easy to imagine the general moral degradation associated with this immoral cult. For Saint Paul, Corinthian morals were highly degraded, even when compared to that of pagan Rome 1. Such being the case, Saint Paul was compelled to address the newly formed Christian community of Corinth to warn them about such paganisms and moral atrocities.

It is very wrong to assume that Saint Paul was unaware of the profound relations between men and women. By saying this he mainly refers to the unmarried couples not havesexual intercourse before the sacrament of marriage.

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Saint Paul maybe used a more euphemistic approach, to touch thus meaning to have sexual union 1. Spiritual and bodily unions between men and women in ancient times were necessary for the consolidation of social cohesion, and it is most certain that Saint Paul was acquainted with such aspects of life.

He puts himself in the position of a man with great experience regarding the sinful character of human nature.

Because of his knowledge, when he gives the advice for unmarried men not to touch women, he emphasizes the dangers brought by immorality to living a life in Christ.

Saint Paul does not categorically deny sexual union between a man and a woman, but he insists that each man has his own woman.

Paul does not exhort unmarried people to marry, but rather married people should continue their sexual relationships with each other, thus fulfilling the bondage of the holy sacrament of union.

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Immorality determined Paul to establish a pastoral reason for his viewpoint. Also the Corinthian curch's problems with prostitution 6,and incest 5, 1further commanded him to consolidate this reasonable and caring decision. There were two sides insinde the curch, those who justified incest and visiting prostitutes, and those who advocated abstinence, even within marriage.

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He believed that these opposite problems were caused by certain Corinthians who refused to have sexual relations with their spouses. Paul may have taken into consideration when he said that it is best for the people not to marry, the harsh political times of the first century A. They advocated celibacy and declared this state to be a norm for the rest of the local Christians.

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These Corinthians were saying that it is good for a man not to have sexual relations with a woman. Their statement, however, is more extensive than a mere reference to marriage. The Greek uses the general term anthrōpos man instead of the specific expression anēr husband.

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Hendriksen, New Testament commentary, vol. Pratt Jr. Thus, Paul regards marriage and sexual communion between man and woman not as sinful or immoral, but as a gift from God given to the majority of people. Marriage could require much more attention under hard political and social circumstances, but such crises may put people under great moral pressure and increase temptation to sexual laxity.

Because marriage is a sacrament blessed by God, the upholding of it is the best safeguards of morality in society, and therefore Christians should be the bearers of this tremendously beautiful, and at the same time respectful sacrament 1.

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Another reason why Saint Paul may have advised the Corinthian men not to touch women, was because a certain extremist attitude arose among some Christians, who regarded sexual union, even inside marriage as sinful. In the minds of the antinomians who were rising in the corinthian communitites, the teaching about liberty became perverted, by misunderstanding the cult of Apollo and transforming it into a cloak of lasciviousness.

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Other parties, perhaps of Essene proclivites, disapproved matrimony as involving an inevitable stain, or seeing it as sinful and dirty. This was in fact the gnostic spirit which led the people to believe that matrimony was something belonging to the evil demiurge. Thus, the ascetic gnostics strove to destroy by severity every carnal impulse 2. There were some in Corinth who tried to practice celibacy inside marriage, something condemnable by Christian morality.

This decision was apparently unilaterally taken by one partner and was not a mutually agreed on decision. Such a practice often led to immorality on the part of the other mate, which of course was contrary to the spirit of self sacrifice for the love of the other, preached by Jesus Christ. According to the researchers Walvoord and Zuck, Paul condemns them to stop this practice unless three condition were met: 1.

The abstention from sexual intercourse was to be a matter of mutual consent on the part of both husband and wife.

They were to agree beforehand on a time period at the end of which normal intercourse would be resumed. This refraining was to enable them to devote themselves to prayer in a concentrated way 3.

Further on, Saint Paul emphasizes that each man should have his woman to be his wife, partner, friend and eternal companion for the kingdom of God.