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Vezi centrul de joc al comunității Despre acest joc When the past meets the present, it's up to three intrepid young archaeologists to unearth the truth!

Unsung Heroes is a brand new time management game from GameHouse. It follows the path of three passionate archaeologists, determined to uncover history!

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They stumble upon the story of Xi Niu, a Chinese girl who lived over a thousand years ago. You will switch back and forth golden mask modern day and ancient China as you restore artifacts and slowly start to fill in the story behind them.

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Play first as adventurous Ivy, brainy Stephanie and powerhouse Diana as they search for lost treasure. Then go into the past and play as brave Xi Niu, a girl determined to find justice for her family! As a young girl, Xi Niu watched as her parents were brutally murdered by a man wearing a golden mask.

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She vows revenge, somehow, some way She seizes the opportunity, as it offers a way to locate the man in the golden mask.

But life is not simple in the palace. It is a snake pit of intrigue and golden mask and one misstep can mean death.

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Xi Niu will need to learn how to play the game to survive. Can this girl from the country navigate the dangerous waters of the palace to exact her revenge?

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Help the three girl s find the pieces of this puzzle and piece together the story of the brave Xi Niu! Cerinţe de sistem.