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Another acception is that of the people who lived in the same time, while Eugen Cizek proposes a fourth variant, representing a key moment in history 1. The top moment for the Spanish art is considered to be during the 16 th and 17 th century, corresponding to the Renaissance and the Heritiers legaux suisse anti aging, respectively.

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The Spanish Golden Age is the Spain of some great personalities of mankind. Their teach us about their own reality, about their most intimate thoughts, making us the great honor of sharing their vision of the world. The artistic school of Sevilla was the most important in Spain during the first half of the 17 th century, dominated by the Baroque spirit, so well represented by Velázquez, the most important Spanish painter of the Baroque époque.

Despre manuscrisele acestuia. Paris, le 4 janpier Mon cher oncle.

Goya, Bucureşti, Editura Meridiane,p. The Spanish society of the 16 th century, envied Velázquez for his wealthy position, which brought him many animosities. In his paintings, most of them portraits, Velázquez showed the reality of the Spanish society, dominated by mad people, brought at court by the king himself.

The realism of his paintings was, most of the times, overwhelming. The technique used was that of light and shade. Regarding the second picture, it presents a great historic interest.

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InVelázquez immortalizes the scene where the Spanish general receives the key of the town from the hands of Justin of Nassau, the brother of Mauriciu of Orania, on the 5 th of Juneafter a four month siege.

Spínola allowed the conquered army to leave Breda, keeping their guns and waited at the gates of the town. Afterwards, he saluted the Dutch general who was the first to get out of the fortress, followed by his wife.

In Novembera play heritiers legaux suisse anti aging by Calderón de la Barca was performed at Madrid, based on the surrender of Breda. Velázquez must have seen crema preparata in farmacie pentru pete play and, nine years later, after many studies, he forged a historic painting.

On huge canvas, the battle field appears, full of smoke, clouds and blur.

Le rituel: ordre et paradoxe (2007). In M. Bulgaru (Ed.), p.308-360.

On each side of the painting, there are nine figures: the Dutch on the left, and the Spanish, on the right. The group of the defeated ones is achieved with a bigger variety of light and color.

The Spanish are more elegant and sophisticated.

Trains de réfugiés roumains fuyant la Bucovine, occupée par les troupes soviétiques. En marsl' Armée rouge envahit la Bucovine septentrionale, alors province du Royaume de Roumanieallié du Troisième Reich.

Among the multitude of figures, each one of them individualized by the way it was painted, it is believed that the figure of the painter also appears on the canvas. One of the most important elements of the painting are the 28 lances, only four of them being bent.

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The face of Spain, Taschen,p. Many things have been written on don Diego Velázquez de Silva. Homage on the third anniversary of his deathby the Diego Velázquez Institute of Madrid. The great painter died on the 7 th of Augustbeing laid out in the Alcázar, wrapped in his mantle of the order of Santiago.

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He was buried during the night at the San Juan Bautista church, in the presence of many royal dignitaries. His wife, Juana Pacheco, survived him only for a week and was buried next to him.

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Today, there is no trace left of the church or the tomb of don Diego. But his work did survive.

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Maybe, that is the reason why his works are full of such elements, either we refer to his drama or his poems. Regarding the historic events Lope assisted during his 73 years of life, they were so many, such as the personalities that were contemporary to him.

The period when Lope lived is one of great flowering for the cultural and spiritual life of Spain.

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Merchandise from all around the world arrived at the Spanish court, books from Italy and Sevilla, students from Salamanca, the oldest university in Spain and fourth of Europe and Alcalá de Henares, painters from the South. Inwhen Lope was still a child, the works of the Council of Trento came to an end, establishing the spiritual dogma of the Spanish life.

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Inthere was the rebellion of the Moors from Alpujarras and Lope will observe the joy in his own home ant of his neighbors for the revival of the Reconquista. Inthe prince Don Carlos and queen Isabelle of Valois, died. At the age of nine, Lope heard the first stories about the heroic battle of Lepanto.