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This bundle offers three types, each bursting with essential vitamins, minerals and natural actives to promote strong hair, skin and nails. Free from gelatin, dairy products and gluten.

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Vegan and cruelty-free. Made in France. The Set Contains: Good Skin Vitamin Boost Gummies 60 x pcs A dietary supplement based on anti-ageing actives and vitamins, that are specially designed to correct the signs of skin ageing.

Each gummy contains a unique complex of Hyaluronic acid, coenzyme Q10 and vitamins C and E; essential nutrients to fight skin ageing and promote collagen production. Good Sun Vitamin Boost Gummies 60 x pcs Loaded with vital vitamins and minerals, the Good Sun gummies are specially designed to promote a tanned complexion through the summer months.

They are formulated with an essential plant phytopigment complex containing beta-carotene, lycopene and vitamin E to obtain all the nutrients needed to optimize tanning.

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Enjoy its delicious peach flavour. Good Hair Vitamin Boost Gummies 60 x pcs Jam-packed with vitamins and minerals essential for maintaining strong and healthy locks, the Good Hair gummies helps nourish the hair fibre and protect against damage caused by external aggressors.

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It also gives brittle nails a strengthening boost, making them less prone to breakage. Coconut oil provides moisturising qualities and Biotin promotes a healthy scalp and growth. Feed your hair the nutrients it needs to shine.

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