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Renewable energy appeared to be an interesting idea in this context, but was considered expensive, unreliable and immature.

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Nevertheless, it is one of the sectors that recorded the highest global growth and spread during the last years, despite economic recession. In Romania, there is 1. In order to be promoted and made accessible, expensive technologies were supported by incentive schemes, German and Spanish governmental programs for photovoltaic energy in the mid s boosting the development of solar parks.

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German market recorded 7. For a number of reasons, of which it is worth mentioning the debate around removing large areas of agricultural land from use for photovoltaic parks or grid stability, this expansion wave proved unsustainable.

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As a result, startingSpain and Germany severely cut the incentive scheme and the drop in demand for photovoltaic technology could not be immediately and entirely offset by pick-ups in other countries. At the same time, numerous manufacturers of polysilicon raw materials, cells, inverters or modules, especially from Asian countries, entered the market, significantly increasing supply options.

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Photovoltaic industry recorded impressive worldwide growth in the last 3 years, from 7. General opinion is that this level of costs is unsustainable for the majority of manufacturers, which also materialized in large number of mergers and bankruptcies, especially for the manufacturers located in Asia. Moving forward to - period, characterized by extreme price competition for cells, modules and inverters, the incentive scheme looks very attractive.

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The most recent data from Transelectrica, the grid operator indicated that 1. Establishment authorizations were granted for 90MW.

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These figures reflect a rapid surge compared to practically non-existent activity around photovoltaic parks last year. Except for the positive incentive scheme of the Romanian government, the local market records a shift from wind energy, the highlight of the previous years, for a series of reasons of which most important are: solar irradiance estimation is more reliable and easier to predict compared to wind installations of photovoltaic modules take significantly less time to perform compared to wind turbines development process is less cumbersome Guaranteed IRR irfan 400 suisse anti aging solar energy is Grid upgrade is a matter to consider closely, as the national strategy for energy does not directly specify clear terms or actions for envisaged upgrade of grid with a kv line.

Adding to this, grid stability affects renewable energy producers as connections should be balanced by continuous energy supply.

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The most important project in this area, Tarnita-Lapusesti hydro plant with 1,MW installed capacity is very expensive and project development is still very incipient.

Thus, cutting off green energy producers may be an easy solution in this respect. Despite decreases in prices, photovoltaic energy production is still very expensive and the costs are transferred to end users. Economic downturn would probably be a natural obstacle for high increase in price per MW and local regulator has the right to intervene to regulate prices. There are several scenarios developed by different market players utilities, regulators, financiers that model the period when demand of GCs quota will be fulfilled, which would have direct implications on trading prices of GCs that have been kept close to the legislative cap.

Amongst them, the pessimistic scenarios envisage the quota being reach as soon aswith GCs trading close to minimum level starting end of Debt financing became scarce, with conditions for corporate finance becoming difficult to fulfill.

Current expectancies in the market, after strong support from all players involved in the local renewable sector is for the change of this aspect to occur so as to unblock financing.

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Under these market conditions, potential investors with available funds for investments in renewable energy have a wide range of projects to select from. Additionally, major utilities developing their own renewable energy facilities would be privileged from the perspective of being able to circumvent the PPA.

For the remaining market players, debt raising is an area where innovation could be the only agent for moving forward. Having as example Poland, where significant investments in a variety of sectors was financed using pension funds and life insurance capital, local players could try entering capital markets as a resort for exiting the financing trap.

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Local support scheme is very attractive for photovoltaic investments, with a large number of foreign investors speeding their entry into the market. Time is of essence, as potential downward change in number of GCs granted for solar energy may be approved after 1 January and solid development is the key for smooth project implementation.

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Photovoltaic energy will access more widely the small businesses and household sector, becoming competitive with electricity price and facilitating savings, even without subsidies. During years, national strategy in energy has changed too many times.

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Of course, irfan 400 suisse anti aging should be done to cope with reality, but too often changes are scaring away the investors.

This would prove not only realistic and successful, but it would have big chances to be followed by real investments.

After setting its priorities, state should not interfere too much, but only follow its interest and of course, support investors efforts via proper, specific legislation. Renewables are the only investments that happen lately in the electricity sector.

For any new investment, in addition to a proper legislative environment, you need also to have room within end-user electricity prices. Still, regulated tariffs are low and do not allow new investments in production; the reality is proving that. Not even with bonus for efficient cogeneration, such projects for power plants are not on the table.

What it is imperatively needed in is an increase of distribution caps, with two advantages sources to finance investments into grid and increase of investors trust. Grid regulations to welcome renewables and efficient cogeneration should be improved, also prioritization in dispatching. Market regulations should be revised following new Electricity and gas law. The latest development of renewable resources is irfan 400 suisse anti aging good answer.


Reaching EU quotas is binding for any member state. If we talk about green electricity, cheapest option for consumers is the wind one, which receives the smallest supporting scheme.

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In terms of electricity itself, renewables are competing for the market price with all other classic technologies, difference in investment being covered by green certificates. On markets, the electricity price is set by marginal producer, the most expensive to cover the electricity demand.

If we have a look on centralized markets, we notice that thermal power producers are the marginal ones. So, we need either to replace them with cheaper electricity production, new and more efficient, including renewables and efficient cogeneration or to refurbish them, at high costs, emissions problems and questionable results.

Romania, among other countries, faces the need to reduce the exposure to volatile energy prices. However, the renewable energy projects are estimated to transfer a higher final power price to end-consumers, since the energy suppliers transfer the costs of subsidies received by producers in the final price invoiced to end-user.