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If the Church 'take hold ofthe skirt ofthe Jew, 'God may remember her for Zion'ssake. In thefollowing excerpts, we conclude theirjourney during Yom Kippur in Iasi and other communities that were a part ofRomania at one time. The Jews were busily employed in shutting up their shops and dressing. Many families were already on their way to the synagogue for no one would be absent on so solemn an occasion as the beginning of the Day of Atonement Many of them were fine-looking men, and the Jewesses were beautifully attired, some wearingjewels.

Putting up our carriage we hastened to the synagogue which wc found full, and there were many children.

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The Absolution Chant, known as "Col Nidre," had been sung before we entered. This we wished much to have heard, the tune being plaintive and beautiful and one whichthe Jews believe was broughtfrom Sinai.

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Three rabbis stand up dressed in white, and in their own name and in the name of God, absolve all in the synagogue from the Bins committed in the year past. The number of large candles lighted and the multitude of worshippers made the atmosphere quite oppressive in all the synagogues we visited; and the perspiration was running down in streams from the zealous devotees, whose cries and frantic earnest ness mightbe heard afar off.

They clapped their hands, clasped them, wrung them, struck the prayerbook, beat upon their breast, and writhed their bodies, again reminding us of the Jews of Saphet and Tiberias.

On this occasion, the Jews keep up prayer all night and all the next day till the time of evening when "the stars appear.

“The Higher Theological Education of Bulgarian Orthodox Clergy (19th-20th centuries),”

We visited twelve of their synagogues and found jerome de uleiuri antirid switzerland anti aging crowded with men, women and children in the same manner as the previous night. At one of them we saw many mothers with their children at the breast or in cradles sitting on the outside dressed in their finest clothes.

It reminded us of the fast described by Joel, "Assemble the elders, gatherthe children, and those that suck the breasts. The floor of the synagogue waB, for the most part, strewn with straw or hay to add to the comfort of the worshippers in their long service, for most of them put offtheir shoes, the day being so holy.

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All day the synagogue is full of immense lighted candles. Each family provided one and each member has a thread in the wick of the candle.

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TheBe represent the soul of each person according to their interpretation of the Proverb, The spirit of man in the candle of the Lord. To do so would be accounted servile work, and therefore they employ a Gentile servant, who is called inwhen any lights require to be trimmed. In the prayers they go overthe greaterpart of Lev. The rest of the service consists in reading a Hebrew poem of which we were assured that most of the worshipers scarcely understood one word because it is most difficult Hebrew.

Yet all were engaged in reading it aloud. Sometimes they came to a chant when the deep bass voice of the chanter was contrasted with the tenor voices of a few young men. The effectwas often very plaintive and sometimes ludicrous.

Again and again the whole congregation jerome de meyer switzerland anti aging in with 'Amen," prounouced 'Omain.

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Among the women some were weeping and others sobbing aloud. In one quarter there are 20 all within the space ofa street. Some of the buildings had their roofs fancifully painted with figures repre senting Paradise and the Creation—wild beasts, trees and fishes, the golden candlestick also, and table of showbread.

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In several partsnear the entrance of the town we noticed the Eruv, or string stretched from House to house across the street, to make it a walled town, the same as we had observed at Saphet We found it impossible to ascertain with accuracy the numbers of the Jews in Jassy.

The Consul reckoned the whole population of the city at 50, and the Jews at somewhat less than the half, perhaps 20, This would coincide with the reckoning of many of the Jerome de meyer switzerland anti aging themselves who gave their numbers at families.

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They are regarded by the government as a separate community and the capitation-tax is not levied from them individually, but from their chief in the way they think most equal and fair. Each family, at an average, pays a ducat, equal to ten shillings.

The way in which the rulers of the Jews levy the tax is as follows: They lay it not on the provisions of the poor, but on articles of luxury.

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For example, a goose is sold for about a zvianzig, but they put a tax on it of half a zwanzig and eightparas. Tnus the rich, who wish luxuries, pay a high price for them; while the poor, who are content with the necessaries of life, escape. They do not considerthemselves oppressed by the Government but the common people use them ill. An instance of this, we were told that a Moldavian would often reply when asked by a Jew to do something for him, "Iwould as soon do it for a Zingan.

All the Jews here speak a corrupt dialect of German.

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They follow all trades except that of a smith. Most are tailors, shoemakers, carpenters and watchmakers.

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A few are idle and sleep in the streets. There have been about 20 converts to the Greek Church, Three of these are persons of respectability, one the keeper of the hotel, another a carpenter, and the third a student at college—but all were very ignorant The Jews believe that their true reason for seeking baptism was that they might get more freedom.

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It did not make any difference inregard to their employment. If any of the chiefJews were to profess Christianity, many would follow their example.

Some of them expressed their belief that Messiah would come in the yearothers think it is to be in the seven-thousandth year of the world, and then a time of Sabbaths is to follow.

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There is a belief, too, among many of them, that the Russians whom they suppose to be the Javian of Zech. There are manyJewish schools in Jassy, but none of themgood. Six of the principal families have refused to send their children to any of these schools to be taught the Talmud because they think that such studies make them mean and degraded.

They either send them elsewhere or employ a private tutor. The severe discipline used in Smyrna is not altogether unknown here, for a Jew who acted as our guide told us that his son often came home with his ears bleeding, his hair torn out and nose twisted, all by the barbarous treatment of the teacher, so that the father has frequently intended complaining to the police or sending the boy to be taught in Russia.

About six in the evening, we went to two of the largest synagogues to see the ceremonies ofthe day of atonement concluded.

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When the sun is setting they pray for the last time and their crying out is intense, far beyond all their previous supplications; for if they do not obtain pardon of their sins before the stars appear they have no hope remaining of obtaining forgiveness jerome de meyer switzerland anti aging that year. When about to utter their last prayer, a trumpet is sounded like that of the New Year, but only one blast.

Then all is over! They stood in groups all turning their faces toward the moon,--for the Jews believe that the spots in the moon are the Shecinah.

Each group had a lighted candle to enable one of theirnumber to read the prayer addressed to the Shecinah in the moon. Some held up their hands, others roared aloud, and all showed by their gestures the intense feeling of their heart It was a grotesque scene, as well as peculiarly novel, to stand amid such a company each with his high fur-cap, the tallith round his shoulders and generally hisbeard flowing wide over the book he was reading.

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As we looked upon the crowds of worshippers that filled the spacious court of the synagogue and saw their white eyes ever and anon turned up toward the bright moon, we were irresistibly reminded of the produse excelente anti-imbatranire when the fathers of that singular people forsook the worship of Jehovah and "served Baal and Ashtaroth," and "made cakes to the queen ofheaven.

Many went homewards singing with great glee in the open streets and shouting aloud to each other, "Peace to thee, and peace to thee! We devoted the next day Sept. First we visited a school of 30 children, both boys and girls, with fine Jewish countenances.

A poor sick boy lay on a couch in the same room, far gone in consumption. The teacher was busily employed in his work.

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His method seemed to be to repeat over every syllable until each scholar could fully pronounce it. The boys and girls got the same tuition and the prayer-book seemed to be the only schoolbook. The children were amazed at the entrance of strangers and ran eagerly round us. We learned from the teacher that the children were taught only to read, not to understand.

Nay, he himself could not explain the words of the passage which they were reading. When asked why he did not explain the words, he referred to Ps. Several Jews had by this time gathered round, to whom Mr. Caiman spoke, trying to show them how ruinous and deplorable their ignorance of the Word of God is.

They seemed convinced,--only they said it was universalin Jassy.

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We called at the house of the chief Rabbi where they were beginning to erecta booth for the Feast of the Tabernacles. The rabbi was a fine-looking man, but not learned. He seemed fatigued with the hard services of the preceding day.

Acest Raport Mondial privind Dizabilitatea trasează pașii necesari pentru a îmbunătăți participarea și includerea persoanelor cu dizabilități. OMS, Banca Mondială și toți autorii și redactorii acestui Raport Mondial privind Dizabilitatea speră ca acesta să contribuie la acțiuni concrete la toate nivelele și în toate sectoarele, ajutând astfel la promovarea dezvoltării sociale și economice și la realizarea drepturilor omului pentru persoanele cu dizabilități din toată lumea.

We explained our object ingeneral terms, deploring the ignorance which we had seen among the Jews and urging the need of schools where they might be taught to read the Word of God gramm atically. He assented and professed to desire the improvement of his people but said that we should apply to influential men such as the merchants who must exert themselves if theBe objects were ever to be effected.

While we were with him a young woman came in with some friends, seeking a divorce from her husband;—for this is common among the Jews as among the Greeks. In the shop of the principal Jewish bookseller we found prayer-books, commentaries and portions of the Talmud, but nothingvery interesting.

These measures converge to the common purpose of the national and European authorities to have a unified view over the globalised banking sector as well as to re-enforce their role in financial stability. Also, inthe enforcement of the cooperation and harmonization framework in a new collaboration step under the Viena European Initiative for Banking Coordination 2.

We were invited in the evening to a Jewish marriage. We went at the hour, but a long delay occurred for the bridegroom not having brought a string of diamonds for his bride's head-dress—an ornament much valued here—she and her friends refused to let the ceremony proceed till it was purchased.

As we were walking to and fro before the door, Mr. Caiman spoke with a tall Jew upon the evils of the Talmud.