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Jewish man helped me to find the right apartment as I wandered about the desolate street.

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Burg was wonderfully hospitable, and phoned Mrs. Finkel right away forme. Finkel had been expecting me since receiving the letter from Dr. Though I knew she had agreed to help me, I didn't know what sort of assistance she would be able to provide. She spoke no English, so we had language barriers to overcome. On my arrival, I found that she had already arranged for a translator, the very friendly Inna Zeltser, a Jewish woman who teaches English at a local college.

Inna never asked for any type of compensation though I left her with a generous giftand she stayed by my side for three days straight, 8 hours per day, in lUlpleasant heat and humidity. Rinzler' s and I headed by taxi to Sadagura.

It was the home of the SadaguraRebbe, Rabbi Israel Friedmann ofRuzhin, who settled in Sadagura in the mid 19th century and established a Hassidic dynasty which is still active to this day.

Not all residents ofSadagura were followers of the Hassidic Rebbe. My great-grandfather Hersh Reisch emigrated from Sadagura to the United States aboutand though he was orthodox, he was not Hassidic to my knowledge.

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On our arrival in Sadagura, we stopped at the house of Mayer Yosefovich Kaushansky, one of the five remaining Jews still living in Sadagura. Mayer is a retired doctor and a very cheerful spirit with a warm smile.

He hopped in the now very crowded taxi and showed us the way to the cemetery. My entourage and I ambled through a field full of broken tombstones to see the grave of the Sadagura Hassidic Rebbe.

The gates surrounding the Hassidic dynasty's burial plot had been recently vandalized and lay on the ground.

It hadn't been like this the last time Mayer had been here. The group was ready to leave when I negotiated a few extra minutes perhaps 30? I couldn't come all this way, and not look for a few Reisch stones, could I? While the group sat in the shade, 1 took my camera in hand and walked through areas adjacent to a school yard and a military installation looking for readable names.

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I returned alone to the cemetery the next morning. I now knew the way, and negotiated my own taxi ride, despite the language difficulties. We found the cemetery, and 1 had the taxi wait 2 hours while 1 walked systematically among the stones. This wasn't easy as the weather was warm and humid, the grass wet, and the plant life around the stones terribly over-grown.

Each step taken might go down into a hole, or land on a hidden stone. Though 1 haven't as yet connected any of these Reisches with my own family, 1 at least learned that the family REISCH must have been very large to have so many stones a total of 10 found! He is the process of writing ahistoty of the ethnic groups ofhis home village and was glad to meet with me when Mrs.

Finkel phoned him from her office. The Professor showed me the remaining Jewish homes and Jewish sites.

The great Temple stands in ruins,just an intact shell which is now abandoned but had been a machine shop under the Soviet era. The Rebbe' s house next door, which had been a municipal office until at leastnow stands abandoned as well, and is deteriorating from accelerating water damage. Marissa Theresa " in English, Russian, and Hebrew.

But this office is obviously not in use. These and other sights of the small shteH houses, and the active bazaar type market in the town center, shed some light on how things used to be in the difficult times at the turn of the century.

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Life even now is very difficult in the Ukraine - I saw abundant signs of poverty and heard stories of unemployment and unpaid back wages everywhere. Professor Chervenyuk showed me a large old house which he remembered had been a Reisch family house years ago.

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Chaskell Reisch the shoemaker had lived here, practicing the same profession as that of my great grandfather. Though 1 can't be sure, this was a likely 6 ancestral home for my family, and I took lots of photos.

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Mayer Kaushansky gave me the names and addresses of a Reisch family which had emigrated from Sadagura to Israel about 8 years ago. I've written to them and perhaps they will know more about my family.

At the urging of fellow travelers and genealogists, the Gavises, I also decided to try a visit to the Z. Archives for the City ofChernivtsi. Though I had been lead to believe there would be nothing there for Sadagura, I was handsomely rewarded for my efforts with the fmding of the exact wedding date for the marriage of great grandfather Hersh Reisch and Sussel Feuerstein. If you go to the archives to research records for Sadagura and surrounding communities Rohozna, Neu-Zuckza, etc.

I was told they did not have a ledger for births in this period. There may also be additional records available for the post period. Only a Ukrainian transcript of the record may be provided.

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Before I left, though, they had softened their policy and the polite young woman in the office showed me 50 Reisch birth records, of which I bought 3 which were transcribed from German into very good English forme. With all the detailed planning for my trip injectare buze acid hialuronic Sadagura, I had done relatively little planning for my trip to Radauti.

From other JewishGenners, I had the address and phone number of the Jewish Community Office in Radauti, and the addresses for three synagogues, including the Great Temple ofRadauti, a gift of stohler tours suisse anti aging Kaiser to the Jewish residents of this town, built in the s. The morning before my departure from Czernowitz, I spoke by phone with Prof. She welcomed me very warmly, and was a constant source for information throughout my visit.

My knowledge of French and German was very useful in Radauti.

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Grinberg offered to open stohler tours suisse anti aging doors of the Great Temple for me - a stunning sight in the center of the village. The building was in surprising good condition with gold ornamentation highlighting its architectural features. I later learned that it had been renovated about 17 years ago. The interior was stunning as well, and I photographed it extensively.

My cousin Mendel helped to re-build the Bima and benches after WW2, so I photographed miere pentru par beneficii areas in particular. Today, it is the only remaining Temple in Radauti, serving a community of just 94 people, mostly elderly.

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I went to Shabbat services on Saturday morning, held in a prayer room just inside the main doors. I was one of only five men in attendance. They were quite friendly and curious about me. I took photographs of Mr. Benyamin, Mr. David and his son, and Mr. Koffler and sent them copies for the New Year. I mentioned to Prof. Grinberg the name of my cousin Mendel's friend, Shike Stenzler.

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She recognized his name stohler tours suisse anti aging. It was a real thrill to find a living connection to my family. Though now 90 years-old and blind, Shike could remember my great-grandmother Hinde Brucker Schachter, and others in the family of my Radauti great-grandfather Leiser Schachter.

I now have Israeli addresses for these families given to me later in the trip by Prof. Grinbergfrom whom I am certain to leammore. Shike's son Daniel spoke English quite well and agreed to interpret for me the following day.

Uneori, zăbovirea pe un termen sau pe o porţiune de verset este lungă şi anevoioasă, dar, în acelaşi timp, răsplătitoare, pentru că bucuria întâlnirii cu Dumnezeul revelat în text nu poate fi asemănată cu nimic altceva. Astfel, ajungerea la cuvintele curate ale lui Dumnezeu, la înţelegerea tainelor planului Său în Hristos, merită tot efortul. Deoarece Petru deschide doar fereastra spre aceste spaţii, fără să răspundă tuturor întrebărilor noastre, pericolul alunecării în interpretări fanteziste este mare. Nevoia de ordine şi de coerenţă a raţiunii ne fură, aruncându-ne în încercarea de a zidi sisteme şi de a elucida ceea ce nu se lasă explicat.

In Radauti, I planned to visit the archives and cemetery, and to try to find ancestral homes. With Daniel's help on day 2 in Radauti, my visit was successful in all these objectives.

Chetvenyuk is writing a history of the ethnic groups ofSadagura. He will appreciate your photos and information on your ancestors. Piata Unirii nr. Suceava cod.

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