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Noul program se concentrează pe sistemele integrate inteligente regionale pentru energie. În același timp trebuie să contribuie la integrarea acestor sisteme locale și regionale de energie într-un sistem solid la nivel european, încurajând participarea la schimbul de energie, precum și la menținerea și continuitatea întregului sistem.

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Un astfel de proiect conecteaza cele mai noi tehnologii din domeniul energiei cu cele mai noi idei de afaceri din sectoarele din afara celui energetic, cu sprijinul actorilor implicați în dezvoltarea regională, pentru a crește gradul de adoptare a unei soluții noi în cadrul afacerilor locale sau în locuințe. Lansarea primului apel de proiecte al inițiativei Smart Energy Systems va avea loc în Suedia, în perioada maiîn cadrul Nordic Energy Week.

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Call for proposals CLEAN SKY 2 Development and testing of innovative Cr free anodic layers removal solution The aim of this study is then to develop a Cr free solution to remove anodic oxidation layers obtained with new alternative treatments, without deteriorating the aluminium alloy substrate.

Please refer to the full topic descriptions document published in this call. Improved Thermal Properties of Computing Platforms for Next-Generation Avionics [SAT] The proposed activity shall investigate, develop, and validate emerging thermal-aware SW-based techniques that will reduce operational temperature of electronic circuits.

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The expected impact of the improved thermal performance will both improve computing performance and will reduce size and weight of electronics due to relaxed dissipation requirements. Thermo-mechanical design validation of compact heat exchanger by thermal cycling life prediction The objective of this topic is to gain botox gresit on physics involved in heat exchanger deterioration. Hence, models which can deal with multi-scale and multi-disciplinary physics shall be built, communicating between each other, with the objective to accurately simulate real operational conditions.

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In order to ensure reliable fan performance when the TRU is deployed, the flow topologies up- and down-stream of the fan module need to be investigated and understood. For this purpose, advanced measurement techniques for a novel level of visualisation and evaluation of reverse flow interactions with fan aerodynamics need to be developed.

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But also to support the optimization of flight campaigns and improving design choices, thanks to new insights coming from the massive data analysis and finding innovative algorithms and correlations. Composite mould tool based on 3D printing The objective of the present topic is to develop a composite mould tool based on an innovative large additive manufactured structure. The tool surface shall be able to withstand a high production rate, similar to today's subvenționează independents suisse anti aging tools.

The tool is intended to be used for producing a composite demonstrator with a size of approximately 1. Deadline: 12 July