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Blood results good for liver function With a high doze of antibiotic intake we have to check le liver status regularly. By now I have regular seizures, paralysis in the face and arms.


She preaches fear and doom and I need someone to give me hope. Romanian- Rezultatele normale pentru ficat si alte organe, din cauza tratamentului intes de antibiotice. Enough energy to wait in the car as Chet does the grocery shopping. Romanian- Destula energie sa astept in masina in timpul in care Chet face cumparaturi. Lyme and autoimmune disease doc Lab work ordered along with a saliva test.

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The cognitive test showed neurological issues and medical history was acquired. Treatment for adrenal gland support ordered progesterone cream, oxidized water, Natrum mariatricum for calming the sympathetic system Doctor specialist nou, nu mai vreau antibiotice.

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Test de saliva, historie medicala, test de memorie. This is an infrared test, a tool used to get the functional picture of all the organ system in the body. Used in Europe for more than 20 years.

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This test evaluates the autonomic nervous system, organ functions and risk factors associated with heart disease, diabetes, and stroke. She wants to focus on strengthening the immune system.

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Romanian- Test de singe, si alte doua teste care nu le stiu in romaneste, dar se uita la toate organele si functionarea lor, la sistemul nervos si circular, etc. Test European, assigurarea nu acopera, In fotografie unul din teste. D 12pm appt. Looking at the test results.

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Vitals: Temp. Ordered a stool test for infections.

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Fox performed the Neurotherapy injections along each side of my spine and adrenal glands. D follow-up appointment. Blood test results: increased mold presence in the body, mitochondrial disorder, Mycoplasma infection Lyme co-infection.

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Treatment: anti-mold diet avoid sugar, dried fruits, peanuts and trader joes anti aging hydration of 10 cups of water each dayIV Glutathione and Phosphatidyclorine to bind mold out of the body, as well as support the nervous system.

Myers IV with CoQ10 injection. A-Bart 15 drops in water one time a day and away from food, start with one drop and work your way up to 15 drops.

According to Ranetti, his ancestors were peasants. However, genealogical studies have confirmed his belonging to the local aristocracy. His ancestors may have included the boyar Hranete, or more certainly a Ranete sin Dimitrie Căpitanu, ennobled in Wallachia ca. Using the pen name Rolla, he published his first article, a defense of his father's politics, in the local paper Gazeta Buzăului ca. He never graduated, feeling encouraged enough to start writing professionally, [6] but remained in Bucharest as an employee of the Romanian Post.

But I see hope. D clinic. IV Myers treatment with a CoQ10 shot.

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Romanian-Injectie de CoQ10, inceput de tratament intravenos impotriva mucegaiului, inflamatiei, imputernicit sistemul imun. I still experience extreme fatigue daily, continual nausea, and a general feeling of malaise. A am experiencing a dyslexia sort of side-effect, itching all over from small red bumps, extreme fatigue and joint pain. Romanian- A treia terapie intravenoasa, injectie.

Starting to feel better for small intervals at the time, paralysis-like symptoms decrease from daily to weekly. Romanian- Incep sa trader joes anti aging puteri si sa am mai multa energie desi numai pe perioade scurte.

Simptomele de paralizie incep sa scada — le aveam zilnice, dar incep sa le am acum de cateva ori pe saptamana numai.

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Extreme fatigue, stiff joints, pain in bones and joints so far-nasty detox effects. Romanian-Terapie intravenoasa, injectie.

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Blood in my urine: Romanian— Perfuzie, injectie, sange in urina. PC push, Meyers, Gluth. Feeling pretty fatigued the past week, nausea, left side pain, quite fatigued in fact, but I may be doing too much around the house, with increasing energy comes more work around the house.

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De o saptamina ma simt tare obosita, si greturi. Follow-up appointment.

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Stool test results: intestinal amoeba, bacteria, and inflammation in the colon. Supplements: Argentyn 23 2Tbs. Continue with cilantro tincture and chlorophyll, also Aloe vera juice Lakewood brand. Continuam cu o parte din vechiul tratament dar am tratament nou si perfuzii noi de inceput.

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Incep sa prind puteri. Severe scalp pain and 2. I miss it though. Romanian- Am inceput al doilea set de perfuzii, de tata asta doua perfuzii minerale so oxigen in singetratament oral diferit pentru sistemul imun, pancreas, digestiv, si argint lichid ca antibiotic. The whole process takes about 3 hours and makes me feel very crummy for a couple of days, then I start to feel better just in time for the next IV treatment.