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Eigenmann U, et. Vet Rec ; Danlois F, et.

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Biochem J ; Johansson J, et. Eur J Biochem ; Crouch EC. B B A ; McCormack FX. Dardenne A, ulei reparator anti-îmbătrânire ole henriksen.

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Uystepruyst C, et. Vet J ; 3 Li J, et. J Trauma ; Lindeberg J, et. Endocrinology ; Smith BT. Science ; Beckett GJ, et.

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Foster HD. Progrese i Perspective n Medicina Veterinar - Lucrri tiinifice vol. Ces exemples illustrent limprvisibilit des mergences virales.

Ils posent la question de lvaluation des risques pour lhomme lis certains virus animaux. Le laboratoire travaille sur des virus dont la transmission interspcifique est possible mais dont la ralit ou la frquence sont mconnues, ainsi que les mcanismes sous-jacents. Les travaux conduits au laboratoire pour lHpatite E, lencphalomyocardite, le virus Borna et les coronavirus des carnivores seront prsents.

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Institut Pasteur - Paris Studies based on applications of lentiviral vector in the field of vaccinology have focused on their ulei reparator anti-îmbătrânire ole henriksen to elicit a cellular immune response and little is known on their capacities to stimulate a specific B cell response.

To address this question, we evaluated the potential of a lentiviral vector-based vaccine to elicit a protective humoral immunity against West Nile Virus WNV. WNV is maintained in a natural cycle between mosquitoes and birds but also infects humans, horses and other animals.

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This flavivirus is endemic in parts of Africa, Europe, Middle East and Asia and it caused recently the largest recognized epidemic of neuroinvasive human disease in North America. Currently, no specific therapy or vaccine is approved for human use.

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To investigate the ability of lentiviral vector to initiate a protective B cell response, we produced lentiviral vector coding for the secreted form of the envelope glycoprotein of WNV TRIP-sEwnv which possesses neutralizing epitopes.

Remarkably, we demonstrated that a single injection with TRIPsEwnv induced a strong antibody response and elicited a long-lasting, protective and sterilizing humoral immunity against a lethal challenge of WNV Iglesias et al.

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Moreover, immunizations with TRIP-sEwnv conferred also a protection against a high viral challenge as early as one week after vaccination. We showed recently that the protective dose 3 weeks post-immunization is at least 10 times lower unpublished data.

This entirely fulfills the requirements for an emergency veterinary vaccination campaign in case of a West Nile outbreak. Taken together, these results broaden the applicability of lentiviral vector as efficient non-replicating vaccines against pathogens for which a neutralizing humoral response is one active arm of the protective immunity. Applications of lentiviral vector technology to veterinary vaccination purposes will be discussed.

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Samples from larvae were analyzed by sequence analysis of the mitochondrial cytochrome b fragment and D-loop regions. The highest variation was discovered to be between salamanders from winter ponds and from perennial water sources. The cytochrome b fragment determined from a base pair [bp] clone differed at one point, position 77, in which salamanders from one site were polymorphic for the nucleotides A and G.

The control region D-loop sequence was determined from an bp clone and differed at three nucleotide positions: 24, and With respect to positions 24 andsalamanders from two breeding sites had a single nucleotide C group Awhile those from three other breeding spots had T group Band at the nucleotide position,group A had T and group B had C. At the sixth breeding site, all nucleotide positions were polymorphic, with C and T.

The evolutionary distance between S. The control region D-loop sequence of the Israeli S. The cytochrome b gene of the S. Two main hypotheses have been proposed for the phylogenetic relationships among genera and species of true salamanders. Recent molecular phylogenetic studies suggest an alternative phylogenetic hypothesis, which places Chioglossa lusitanica as the sister taxon to M.

Based on the morphological data, the species S. In Africa S. The S. There are many types of breeding places in xeric areas, including streams, springs, rock pools, rain pools and large ponds, where water is available during different periods and according to different conditions. The ulei reparator anti-îmbătrânire ole henriksen variation differed between the two habitats, but not between the two populations from the semi-arid habitat. The temporary water bodies the water available during winter between the months, March and July included Manof Pond - a winter pond in Gush Segev elevation mDovev Pond mMatityahu m and the Maalot pit m - a two-meter deep hole on a hill.

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The permanent water bodies, which are those available all year round, comprised Al Balad - a year-round spring on Mount Carmel, Navuraya Spring m and Humema Spring m - a layer spring in a cave located on Mount Meiron.

The eighth sampling location was the Tel Dan Stream, with year-round water at 16C. An additional 10 min elongation period at 72C followed the last cycle.

After amplification, the PCR products were separated by electrophoresis on a 1.

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