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Ştiinţele vieţii. Guz A. Regulation of respiration in man. Guyton A. Academiei, 1, Chisinau, MD, E-mail: amuntean as. The avifauna of Moldova is represented by species of aquatic birds and waders from nine orders — Podicipediformes - 5, Gaviiformes - 2, Pelecaniformes - 4, Ciconiiformes - 12, AnseriformesGruiformes - 6, Charadriiformes - 47, Coraciiformes — 1 species and Passeriformes the rest of 14 species.

All the bird species of this group are migratory species, except the passage birds that can visit in various seasons and with various success the territory of the republic. As a rule, the visits of such species are irregular and their individual number is always moderate.

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There are only 9 species of them, of which 6 species are representatives of Mongolian or Mediterranean fauna types. From 42 species the majority belong to the Siberian 15 and Arctic 13 fauna types. These are various species of curlew, gooses, ducks, gulls. The geographic position of the Republic of Moldova at the Prut — Nistru inter uve determines in a great measure the seasonal character of bird migration.

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The bird migration in this region occurs in extended front. However, the Prut and Nistru river bed gather the migratory species, particularly the aquatic birds and waders complex, creating strong migratory streams directed in autumn period to the Black Sea coast and further directed to the African continent, to the Middle East and to the northern coast of Mediterranean Sea.

In spring the birds migrate approximately by the same ways in backward direction over the territory that extends from Carpathians at the west and East Scandinavia at the north till Ural Mountains at the east. The Prut valley is used as migratory way by the birds ying from East Europe, including the Eastern district of Russia, the Baltic Countries, Belarus, Ukraine and the boundary territories of Western Europe.

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The inhabiting area of these populations broadens in northern latitude direction. As advancing to the Black Sea coast the species composition of the migrants increases at the account of the birds ying from north-east and east directions.

The duration of migratory period in spring and autumn depend on many factors and is connected mostly with the weather and with the ecological situation in the places of aquatic birds and waders migration. Usually the migration streams pass in undulatory mode and the whole period lasts 1, months.

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Material and methods of study. The main observations on visible bird migrations were accomplished in spring and autumn according to the methods [1,4,20,21 and others]. In spring systematic observations were performed from March 15 to April 15, in autumn from September 15 20 till October At the same time special studies were made to specify the species composition and the ratio of various bird species number during the seasonal migrations in a narrower period of time.

Furthermore, simultaneous visual and radar observations were accomplished to emphasize the proportion of night and day bird migration, as well as to determine the belonging of radar echo. We have to mention in particular that among the instrumental methods of bird migration study, Moldova was one of the rst former USSR republic where the radiolocation method began to be used [7].

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As result of visual and radiolocation studies on the territory of former south-western USSR the main bird migration ways trough the territory of Moldova were established. The most important places of study accomplishing in this direction were the lower Nistru and Prut Ciciurgan aquatic reservoir and Manta-Beleu. Starting withthe study of seasonal bird migrations was performed on Middle Nistru from Nasclavcea village till Dubasari townon Prut Costesti aquatic reservoir and on the sector Balatina — Cuhnesti villagesas well as on the aquatic basins from the central zone Ghidighici aquatic reservoir, Gura-Bacului shery farm, Costesti and Rezeni aquatic basins.

The daily observations began at 30 minutes before the sunrise and lasted 4 hours. In the days of mass bird passage the studies were accomplished during all the day-light period of 24 hours.

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During the observations all the birds seen by the naked eye in a line of about m wide were registered. The bird species, the individual number, the high and the y directions were registered. In this paper the results of observation on visible migration of aquatic birds and waders are analyzed.

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But in the general characteristics the data of ornithological state radar evaluation are used in the whole republic, as well as in some particular study points. Results and discussions.

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The analysis of bird number changing in Europe, generalized for the last decades, con rm the fact that about half of all the species inhabiting this continent territory need special protection measures, of which species have the status of unfavourable — are rare species or have negative tendencies in number dynamics [48]. The biogeneza tri magneziu anti-imbatranire majorities of these species inhabit various aquatic — marsh lands or are migratory species.

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Furthermore, with the aquatic birds and waders migrations is connected in the last years the spreading of the bird u virus. Therefore the detailed study of seasonal bird migrations on our territory comprises two components: the habitat protection to preserve the diversity of common, rare and threatened species and the monitoring of seasonal bird accumulation for the emphasizing and prophylaxis of bird u outbreaks.

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The main places of west-European biogeographical populations of aquatic birds and waders nesting and wintering are rather well studied [22,40,45 and others]. The ripol suisse anti aging of these birds migrations in different regions of Europe are also well studied, for instance in Baltic Countries, in Ukraine and partially in Belarus [1,2,11,12,13,25,26 and others]. But the location of the main ways of passage and of the most important stopping places during the migration period in the central continental part of East Europe, including Moldova remain poorly studied.

During the elucidation of bird migration regularities in any region the following 16 questions appear: how the passage occurs — in wide front or in thin migration ows, which is not only of theoretical importance, but also is of biogeneza tri magneziu anti-imbatranire practical importance.

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This problem was discussed during many years starting with the middle of the past century [8,17,18,20,21,28,29,30,39 and others. On each concrete territory the regularities of bird migrations are determined by the ecological conditions of the terrain that include different biotopic complexes, suitable for stopping and feeding of various ecological bird groups.

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The territory of Moldova in this sense must be examined in the context of migration wais passing to the Black Sea, East Europe and particularly to Ukraine. The second important moment in migrations is considered the presence on the territory of the transit and stopping bird passage.

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The proportion of migratory birds from different orders during the seasonal migrations on the Republic of Moldova territory. Through the territory of Moldova, which, in ornithologists opinion, occupies a unique geographical position pass the transcontinental migratory ways of the wild birds that connect the territories from Finland to Ural at north and from North Africa to Little Asia in the south.

Furthermore, it was established that through the territory of Moldova the bird migration pass in wide front, as well as along the directional lines. Among the migratory birds the aquatic ones and the waders group occupy one of the rst places, sometimes they even dominate.

The main direction of their movements during the spring and autumn migrations is determined by the location of large aquatic basins on the territory of South-East Europe.

The splitting of the spring migratory ow in north-eastern 17 and eastern directions can be probably explained by the existence on Nistru river of large aquatic reservoirs. The great proportion of aquatic birds and waders migrating in eastern direction is conditioned by the dense biogeneza tri magneziu anti-imbatranire of river estuaries, falling into the Black Sea, favourable for feeding and resting.

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A part of the birds pass by transit through the territory of Moldova in north-eastern direction, starting from Lower Danube, from the adjoining lakes Bratesh, Cahul, Yalpuh, Sasyk and other, dividing in two ows: a part ies in north-eastern direction over the northern regions of biogeneza tri magneziu anti-imbatranire country, another part ies to the north along Prut valley, turning to the north-east in the central zone of the country.

The main ways of bird passage through the territory of Moldova are connected to the valleys of Nistru and Prut rivers, as well as to the large internal aquatic basins and woodland.

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The period, the directions, the altitudes, the velocity and the intensity of bird migrations are conditioned by different factors, the main of which are the weather and the synoptic ones. Until the present the visual and radiolocation observations on the seasonal bird migrations in Moldova were accomplished in different points of southern and central zones of the republic, starting with till now periodically.